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NOTE: TinyMCE 5 reached End of Support in April 2023. No more bug fixes, security updates, or new features will be introduced to TinyMCE 5. We recommend you upgrade to TinyMCE 6 or consider TinyMCE 5 Long Term Support (LTS) if you need more time.


APIs for working with HTML within the editor.


This class parses HTML code into a DOM like structure of nodes it will remove...


Entity encoder class.


This class is a minimalistic implementation of a DOM like node used by the DomParser class.


This class parses HTML code using pure JavaScript and executes various events for each item...


Schema validator class.


This class is used to serialize down the DOM tree into a string using a Writer instance.


This class is used to parse CSS styles it also compresses styles to reduce the output size.


This class is used to write HTML tags out it can be used with the Serializer or the SaxParser.

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