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Bundling the User Interface localizations for TinyMCE

Information on bundling User Interface localizations

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Using community localizations

Using the community language packs

To use change the user interface language using a community language pack:

  1. Download the language pack from the Tiny Community Language Packages download page.

  2. Unzip and import/require the language file.

  3. Set the language option in your TinyMCE configuration to the language code, matching the filename on the language pack. For example: If the language pack has the filename sv_SE.js, then set language: 'sv_SE',
  4. Confirm that the language has been set successfully by loading TinyMCE.

Note: The language code set in the TinyMCE configuration must match the filename of the language file. If the language file is not found, TinyMCE will not load.

If a language you need is not available, you may wish to translate it yourself. To contribute to translating TinyMCE, go to our Transifex translation page and sign up, then request to join a team or create a new team if your language are not listed.

Using premium self-hosted localizations


This section shows the files required for each TinyMCE localization. The file paths shown are relative to the root TinyMCE package directory, where tinymce.min.js is stored. For example:

├── icons/
├── jquery.tinymce.min.js
├── langs/
├── license.txt
├── plugins/
├── readme.txt
├── skins/
├── themes/
├── tinymce.d.ts
├── tinymce.js
├── tinymce.min.js
└── version.txt

The following table shows examples of the syntax used to bundle the following example localization file:

Module Syntax Source Example
ES6+ npm
import 'tinymce/langs/sv_SE';
import '../tinymce/langs/sv_SE';
Common JS npm

Supported Languages

Language Code Filename
Arabic ar ./langs/ar.js
Basque eu ./langs/eu.js
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg_BG ./langs/bg_BG.js
Catalan ca ./langs/ca.js
Chinese (China) zh_CN ./langs/zh_CN.js
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW ./langs/zh_TW.js
Croatian hr ./langs/hr.js
Czech cs ./langs/cs.js
Danish da ./langs/da.js
Dutch nl ./langs/nl.js
Finnish fi ./langs/fi.js
French (France) fr_FR ./langs/fr_FR.js
German de ./langs/de.js
(Support added in TinyMCE 5.3)
el ./langs/el.js
Hebrew (Israel) he_IL ./langs/he_IL.js
Hungarian (Hungary) hu_HU ./langs/hu_HU.js
Indonesian id ./langs/id.js
Italian it ./langs/it.js
Japanese ja ./langs/ja.js
Kazakh kk ./langs/kk.js
Korean (Korea) ko_KR ./langs/ko_KR.js
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) nb_NO ./langs/nb_NO.js
Persian fa ./langs/fa.js
Polish pl ./langs/pl.js
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR ./langs/pt_BR.js
Portuguese (Portugal) pt_PT ./langs/pt_PT.js
Romanian ro ./langs/ro.js
Russian ru ./langs/ru.js
Slovak sk ./langs/sk.js
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl_SI ./langs/sl_SI.js
Spanish es ./langs/es.js
Spanish (Mexico)
(Deprecated in TinyMCE 5.5 and newer)
es_MX ./langs/es_MX.js
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE ./langs/sv_SE.js
Thai (Thailand) th_TH ./langs/th_TH.js
Turkish tr ./langs/tr.js
Ukrainian uk ./langs/uk.js

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