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Clean/copy-paste of content from Word, Google Docs, Excel and more

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Stop broken HTML with PowerPaste

With a 99.9% accuracy rate, PowerPaste is the only plugin on the market that allows users to copy in clean content without developers needing to worry about the underlying HTML code breaking.

Increase engagement and value

When it comes to developing a world-class user experience, you don't want content creators feeling frustrated when they copy and paste content. TinyMCE’s PowerPaste automatically “cleans” pasted content, fixing these issues. PowerPaste can help increase user engagement by up to 85%, increasing the underlying value of your product.

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Reduce developer and support costs

PowerPaste focuses on cutting out development and support costs for your team. It takes care of all the heavy lifting, allowing your development, and support teams to focus on the core of your product. Implementing PowerPaste has helped software teams decrease their support tickets by 40%.

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Clean copy from the tools you need most

PowerPaste deals with content from Microsoft Office and Google Docs with ease, allowing users to spend more time crafting their content. Just as it cleans up rogue formatting from sources like Word, Google Docs and Excel, it does the same for websites and other popular providers. Get perfect content, every time.

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"This is one of the areas where TinyMCE really shines. The PowerPaste plugin is incredible. You can copy content out of Word and have a reliable translation of it into HTML on the other side. It’s one of the big wow factors when we do demos of our product."

Dan Plaskon|CEO

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Experience PowerPaste for yourself below.

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