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Create custom notifications

Learn how to make custom dialogs with NotificationManager.

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TinyMCE can display customized notifications.

Interactive example


The text property sets the text that is displayed at the center of the notification. This is the most important setting when opening a notification.{
  text: 'A test informational notification.'


The following notification types differ in color and purpose:

  • success
  • info
  • warning
  • error

Set the type property when opening the notification. The default style is used if this property is not set.{
  text: 'A test informational notification.',
  type: 'info'


The notification automatically closes after the value set in the timeout property elapses in milliseconds.{
  text: 'A test notification that will close automatically after 5 seconds.',
  timeout: 5000

Close Button

Disable the close button to the right of the notification by setting the closeButton property to false in conjunction with a timeout property that is not zero.{
  text: 'A test notification that will close automatically after 5 seconds and has the close button disabled.',
  timeout: 5000,
  closeButton: false


Set the icon property to display an icon to the left of the text.{
  text: 'A test notification that contains a bold icon.',
  icon: 'bold'

For a list of the icon identifiers, see: Available icons.

Progress Bar

Set the progressBar property type to True to display a progress bar to the left of the close button and to the right of the text.

var notification ={
  text: 'A test notification that contains a progress bar.',
  progressBar: true

Set the progressBar property between 0 and 100 to set the progress of the progress bar.


To close the last shown notification, call the following method:

// Close the last shown notification.

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