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TinyMCE 5


Introducing a simplified UI API. It’s now easier to build beautiful, modern, internationalized and accessible experiences.


A new approach to design makes it simpler to create skins that fit the TinyMCE UI perfectly with any design system. Including yours.

Content Creators

TinyMCE 5 delivers a sleek and polished out-of-the-box rich text editor experience to match the expectations of the modern content creator.

Get Started with TinyMCE

Use the snippet below or better yet, grab your free API key...
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script src="" referrerpolicy="origin"></script>
  <textarea>Next, use our Get Started docs to setup Tiny!</textarea>

A Brand New UI

More responsive. Better accessibility. Easily themable.
Build a beautiful editor experience more easily and faster with TinyMCE 5.
Brand new UI

Premium Features

Improved copy-paste

Unrivaled technology that cleans your pasted Word content and matches styles to your preference (works with images, too.)

Spell check

Enable your users to see the typos as they type. Errors can be corrected on the fly by choosing the more appropriate word.

Image upload

Store your assets in the cloud with Tiny Drive. For self-hosted storage, use MoxieManager.

Accessibility check

Make sure your content is readable by the hundreds of thousands of people around the world using screen readers or other assistive technologies.

Link check

Just like spell checking, but for links. Easily see whether links in the editor are valid or invalid. No more broken links in your content.

An IDE for TinyMCE

Advanced Code Editor brings an IDE-style code editor to TinyMCE, making it much easier to modify HTML in the editable area.

Enhanced media embed

Add enriched media previews to TinyMCE from the most popular web sources, including Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, and Spotify.


Add comments to highlighted content, and create threaded conversations based on the original comment.

Format Painter

Copy formatting from one section of your content and apply that formatting to another section.

Permanent Pen

Add text in a different style from the default settings so that the new text stands out from the rest of the content.

Page Embed

Embed a webpage within an iframe at any point in the content. The iframe can be configured to be responsive, or constrained to proportions defined by the user.


The Checklist plugin helps you organize critical tasks and increase productivity, and can be used in countless professional and personal settings.

Case Change

Toggle selected text between Title Case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase. You can also customize the Title Case ruleset.

Premium Skins & Icons

Boost your editor UI with ready-made premium skins and icon packs from popular design systems, as well as variations on the TinyMCE 5 default theme.

Advanced Tables

Take your tables to the next level with advanced sorting and a UI end users know and love.

Premium Benefits

Commercial license

Develop commercial applications using TinyMCE and remove the copyleft restrictions of LGPL.

Prioritized support

Receive priority support with guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) and get guidance building your solution.

Strength tested

TinyMCE Premium subscribers get priority response and access to bug fixes and security patches.

Still Have Questions?

TinyMCE Integrates With


Don't see the integration you're looking for? Let us know!

Robust Cross-Browser Performance

We've taken the quirks out, standardized the selection model, wrangled the clipboard, beaten the
enter key into submission, ensured consistent HTML, added an undo manager… The essentials made awesome.






TinyMCE has been developed for more than 10 years. It is the most stable WYSIWYG HTML editor available.

Check out our compatibility

Flexible API

Developer-friendly API. Build your own plugins and extensions or fully wrap the editor. Have a look at the Docs for an extensive overview.


TinyMCE follows the WAI-ARIA specification, making it compatible with screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA.


Translated by our community, TinyMCE speaks more than 40 languages.

Contribute to TinyMCE

We love our community, especially the more than 175 contributors and thousands of developers who've starred TinyMCE.
We're looking for contributors to help us test and improve the TinyMCE 5.