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TinyMCE plugin psuedo class. Allows for custom plugins to be added to TinyMCE when registered using the PluginManager.

This is a pseudo class that describes how to create a custom plugin for TinyMCE.

A custom plugin registered using PluginManager.add should either not return any value or return plugin metadata as an object that contains the plugin's name and a URL. The URL is intended to link to help documentation.

See AddOnManager for more information about the methods available on the PluginManager instance.


tinymce.PluginManager.add('MyPlugin', function(editor, url) {
    // Register a toolbar button that triggers an alert when clicked
    // To show this button in the editor, include it in the toolbar setting
    editor.ui.registry.addButton('myCustomToolbarButton', {
        text: 'My Custom Button',
        onAction: function() {
            alert('Button clicked!');

    // Register a menu item that triggers an alert when clicked
    // To show this menu item in the editor, include it in the menu setting
    editor.ui.registry.addMenuItem('myCustomMenuItem', {
        text: 'My Custom Menu Item',
        onAction: function() {
            alert('Menu item clicked');

    // Either return plugin metadata or do not return
    return {
        name: 'MyPlugin',
        url: ''

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