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Case Change

Change the case of text.

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The Case Change plugin is a time saving and handy extension that allows changing the case of text in block selection to uppercase, lowercase, or title case.

Types of Formats

Currently, there are three types of formats available:


The lowercase option changes all the selected characters to lowercase.


The UPPERCASE option changes all the selected characters to uppercase.

Title Case

The Title Case option changes anything other than articles, coordinating conjunctions, or short prepositions to capital letters. The default rule set for Title Case is based on Wikipedia Title Case.

The Title Case can be used for the following editor elements:

  • Menu options and pushbuttons
  • Field, checkbox, and radio button labels
  • Frame, screen, and dialog box titles
  • Tab descriptions
  • All hierarchy nodes and folder names (IMG, roles, etc)
  • Possible entries, options in drop-down lists
  • Column and row headers
  • Titles of reports and lists
  • All technical short descriptions (names of programs, function groups, transactions, CUA statuses, and so on)

Try our Case Change demo

Getting started with TinyMCE Case Change

Creating an account

Try the Case Change plugin and the Tiny Cloud with a free Tiny Account. New accounts receive a 14-day trial of the Tiny premium plugins, skins, and icon packs; with no credit card information or commitment required.

Get TinyMCE Case Change

The Case Change plugin is included in the following Tiny Cloud plans:

A 14-day free trial is also available for the Tiny Cloud Essential Plan and the Tiny Cloud Professional Plan.

Further information

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