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Core / Deployment

Usage per month
1,000 loads5,000 loads20,000 loadsUnlimited
$40 per 1,000 editor loads$40 per 1,000 editor loads$40 per 1,000 editor loadsN/A
Core Plugins
Cloud Deployment
Self-hosted Deployment
Commercial License
White Label


Uptime Guarantees
Support Requests2 per month4 per monthUnlimited
Dedicated SLA’s
Phone SupportAdd-On
Invoice Billing
Customer Success Manager

Premium Productivity Features

Format Painter
Word Processor FeaturesCreate content faster with Table of Contents, Case Change, Checklist,
Auto-link and Footnotes
Advanced Code Editor
Merge Tags
Advanced Tables
Permanent Pen
Page Embed
Enhanced Media Embed
Inline CSS
Enhanced Image Editing
AI Assistant
Add-On (from $29 per month)Add-On

Premium Collaboration Features


Premium Content Conversion Features


Premium Compliance Features

Link Checker
SpellChecker Pro
Spelling Autocorrect
Accessibility Checker
Advanced Typography

Customization Options

UI Language/ Localization
Custom Plug-Ins
Headless Editing
Custom Fonts and Colour Palettes
Premium Skins & Icons
Advanced Templates
Professional Translations


Web Components

Cloud-Based Deployment Security

Account Usage Metrics
Domain Management
JSON Web Tokens
Private RSA Keys

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What is an "editor load” and how many do I need?

An editor load is a term used for each time the TinyMCE editor is loaded. For example, if 100 users load TinyMCE 10 times each, there are 1,000 editor loads.

The number of editor loads needed depends on your application, however, all our plans have been developed to take into consideration actual use on our cloud infrastructure.

More details in this blog post

What happens if I go over the editor load limits?
We understand that sometimes usage fluctuates, that’s why we have editor load blocks that can be added on. If you exceed usage your credit card will automatically be charged for any excess usage in 1,000 editor load blocks at the end of the month.
Will I be notified if I go over my editor load limits?
You are able to track and view your editor load usage through your account. If you do consistently go over your editor load allotment under your plan, our team will reach out and help organize shifting you to a plan that works for your needs.
I am an OEM or SaaS provider, can I use your online plans?

Yes! However, we often find you can exceed included usage quickly.

Please contact our sales team to get predictable costing throughout the year.

Can I change or upgrade my plan?

We are currently upgrading our systems. If you require any assistance in upgrading or changing your account, please get in touch with our support team, at

Can I purchase multiple plans?
No. You are unable to purchase multiple plans for TinyMCE. If you require additional usage, applications, or domains please get in contact with our sales team.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you are able to cancel your subscription at any time during the term of your agreement. However, the cancellation will only take effect at the end of your subscription term, and at that point, you will no longer be charged. You are not eligible for a refund on any unused amount remaining in your subscription term.
What are the detailed terms of my subscription?

The Cloud Services Subscription Agreement and the Self-Hosted Software License Agreement explain rights, responsibilities, and support levels. For open source users, the terms of the MIT license apply. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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We’re very satisfied with TinyMCE’s features, functionality, ease of integration, and the impeccable support team. TinyMCE has removed enormous overhead from our journalists and allowed them to focus more on getting the actual story.

Paul AlexandrescuTechnical Director
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