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46 core plugins

Product attribution required

Community support

100 MB Drive storage

1 GB Drive bandwidth

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month to month
Everything in Starter, plus

Product attribution optional

Professional support

2.5 GB Drive storage

25 GB Drive bandwidth

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Most popular


month to month
Everything in Developer, plus

11 premium plugins

5 GB Drive storage

50 GB Drive bandwidth

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Everything in Pro, plus

Volume pricing discounts

OEM / SaaS licensing

Redline agreements

Increased Drive storage and bandwidth options


Find the package that fits your requirements.
Subscription Benefits
TinyMCE Community (Forum)
Community Newsletter
Plugin/Add-on updates & upgrades
Premium Plugins Available
Spell Checker Pro + Custom Dictionaries
Format Painter
Permanent Pen
Page Embed
Enhanced Media Embed
Advanced Code Editor
Accessibility Checker
Link Checker
Case Change
MoxieManager Pro
MoxieManager Enterprise
Technical Support Benefits
Community Support (Forum)
TinyMCE Editor Support
TinyMCE Premium Plugin Support
Support requests (per month)
Terms Available
Tiny Terms of Service or Cloud SLA
Legal Assurance & IP Protection
Redline Agreement
ISV/SaaS/OEM Permitted
Up to Unlimited

Which deployment option should you choose?

Let us help you choose between Cloud & Self-hosted.

Is deployment flexible? Do you have to choose?

The first thing to know is that TinyMCE is flexible. Cloud. Self-hosted. Hybrid. How you deploy is your call.

If you'd like to us to host TinyMCE on our CDN

Choose Cloud if you'd like to serve TinyMCE from our fast, global Content Delivery Network.

If you want advanced image editing 'out of the box'

Tiny Cloud's free image proxy enables your users to edit images from any website right inside TinyMCE.

If you don't want to maintain the editor or plugins

Choose Cloud if you need a low-touch, automatically updated installation. Includes editor version control.

If you need granular control of the editor at an API level

Choose Self-hosted if you need to use our extensive API and maintain 100% control of the editor.

If you need more than six servers or 5,000 users

We have a wide range of custom deployment and pricing options. Contact us to learn more.

If you don't want to implement plugins with server-side code

Choose Cloud if you don't want to maintain premium, server-side components (eg. Spell Checker Pro).

If you need to run TinyMCE in your secure environment

Tiny Cloud is secure, but if you have reason to not pass data to the Cloud choose Self-hosted.

If you're still not sure and would like help deciding

Our team is here to help you choose the right plan and features for your project. Contact us today.

Download TinyMCE Community Edition

Get the leading open source, editor framework for developers. Supported by the community.


No tricks. No surprises. Your questions answered.

How is the price calculated?

We now have a user and server pricing model, that becomes cheaper as you add more users or servers. We believe this gives you the greatest flexibility and ease to get the solutions you need to grow your business. We explain many aspects of the pricing model in this FAQ.

What is a 'server'?

A server is a physical server, cloud instance or virtual machine that you host the software on. If your architecture uses more than six servers, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes you can, at any time. We offer annual and monthly billing, with a discount applied when you pay annually. This is on top of the discounts applied as you buy a higher user-tier plan. If you have a pricing or plan related question, please contact us.

What do we mean by OEM or SaaS?

By OEM or SaaS we are referring to any individual or company that would like to incorporate TinyMCE into their product offering (software, or SaaS) for resale.

Can we customize OEM or SaaS pricing?

Yes, we can tailor a solution to your requirements and there are many options if you need to use TinyMCE in this way. Our Cloud offerings can be purchased on a usage basis online, while our Self-hosted OEM or SaaS offerings can be purchased by contacting sales. Custom pricing may be the best option depending on your solution and scale.

How are Monthly Active Users tracked?

Monthly Active Users are tracked on a calendar month basis for Cloud. Cloud subscriptions starting in the middle of the month receive an entire months worth of MAUs. For Self-hosted customers, currently it is your responsibility to track usage so to ensure you purchased the correct licenses. Many analytics solutions can report the number of MAUs for you.

What happens if I go over my purchased MAUs?

If you go over your purchased MAUs in the Cloud offering, you will be required to move up the appropriate pricing level. If you go over the MAUs in a Self-hosted environment, you will be required to notify us and we will adjust your pricing to correct level going forward.

What is your Cloud SLA?

Please see the Tiny 'Cloud Services & Software Terms & Conditions of Use Agreements' at You will find an explanation of your rights and responsibilties, and details of our support level commitment. If you have any queries about the SLA, please contact us.

What is a Monthly Active User?

Monthly Active Users (MAUs) are the total number of unique users that load the TinyMCE editor at least once in a month. For example, if you're building an internal app and a total of 95 people load TinyMCE in your app in a calendar month, you would have 95 MAUs.

What type of Deployment Options are there?

'Self-hosted' means any deployment where the purchaser installs on their servers, virtual machine/s, internal cloud or external public cloud. 'Cloud' means the TinyMCE rich text editor is hosted by TinyMCE.

Can I change my plan?

If you purchased one of our Premium Plugins and would like to upgrade to the Pro Bundle, we can help you do this. For now, please reach out to our sales support team.

Can I use Cloud plans in my OEM/SaaS product?

Yes, all Cloud plans are available if you're building OEM/SaaS solutions. These can be purchased online. OEM/SaaS customers intending to use TinyMCE in a Self-hosted environment can purchase our Developer Plan online - the Pro plans are not available for Self-hosted OEM/SaaS. Contact us to discuss the many options available.

How many licenses should I buy?

You should purchase a Monthly Active User license that covers your maximum usage of the TinyMCE editor. As previously mentioned, if you're building an internal app and a total of 95 people load TinyMCE in your app in a calendar month, you would have 95 MAUs.

How will you notify me if I go over my MAUs in the Cloud?

We will notify you at the end of the calendar month if you exceed your allotted MAUs. Please see the FAQ, 'What happens if I go over my purchased MAUs' for information about we adjust your subscription.

Can I use both Cloud and Self-hosted?

Yes. You can deploy the editor and plugins in a 'mixed' Cloud and Self-hosted environemnt. For example, many customers prefer to use the core editor and selected premium plugins in the Cloud (e.g. Spell Checker Pro) but keep certain plugins that send data to the cloud in a self-hosted environment for security reasons.

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Try the Premium features

File management
  • Click the “Insert File” button
  • Select an image
  • Click "Insert"
Spell check
  • Type a word misspelled
  • Right click underlined word
  • Choose a word to replace
Improved Word paste
  • Open this document in Microsoft Word
  • Copy all document content
  • Paste into the editor
Accessibility check
  • Click the "Accessibility Check" button
  • Read the error message
  • Repair or Ignore the error