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The history of TinyMCE releases.

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Version 5.0.0 February 4, 2019

  • added links and registered names with * to denote premium plugins in Plugins tab of Help dialog.
  • fixed an issue where tab panel heights weren’t sizing properly on smaller screens and weren’t updating on resize.
  • Changed Tiny 5 mobile skin to look more uniform with desktop.
  • fixed image tools not having any padding between the label and slider.
  • fixed Blacklisted table, th and td as inline editor target.
  • fixed context toolbar toggle buttons not showing the correct state.
  • fixed missing separators in the spellchecker context menu between the suggestions and actions.
  • fixed notification icon positioning in alert banners.
  • fixed a typo in the word count plugin name.
  • fixed charmap and emoticons dialogs not having a primary button.

Version 5.0.0-rc-2 January 22, 2019

  • removed unnecessary ‘flex’ and unused ‘colspan’ properties from the new dialog APIs.
  • added screen reader accessibility for sidebar and statusbar.
  • Updated Emoticons and Charmap dialogs to be screen reader accessible.
  • Updated the textpattern plugin to properly support nested patterns and to allow running a command with a value for a pattern with a start and an end.
  • Changed checkboxes to use a boolean for its state, instead of a string.
  • Changed formatting menus so they are registered and made the align toolbar button use an icon instead of text.
  • fixed the link dialog such that it will now retain class attributes when updating links.
  • fixed “Find and replace” not showing in the “Edit” menu by default.
  • fixed dropdown buttons missing the ‘type’ attribute, which could cause forms to be incorrectly submitted.
  • fixed emoticon and charmap search not returning expected results in certain cases.
  • fixed blank rel_list values throwing an exception in the link plugin.

Version 5.0.0-rc-1 January 8, 2019

  • added editor settings functionality to specify title attributes for toolbar groups.
  • added icons instead of button text to improve Search and Replace dialog footer appearance.
  • added tox-dialog__table instead of mce-table-striped class to enhance Help dialog appearance.
  • added title attribute to iframes so, screen readers can announce iframe labels.
  • added a wordcount menu item, that defaults to appearing in the tools menu.
  • Updated the font select dropdown logic to try to detect the system font stack and show “System Font” as the font name.
  • Updated the autocompleter to only show when it has matched items.
  • Updated SizeInput labels to “Height” and “Width” instead of Dimensions.
  • Updated the build process to minify and generate ASCII only output for the emoticons database.
  • fixed readonly mode not fully disabling editing content.
  • fixed accessibility issues with the font select, font size, style select and format select toolbar dropdowns.
  • fixed accessibility issues with split dropdowns.
  • fixed the legacyoutput plugin to be compatible with TinyMCE 5.0.
  • fixed icons not showing correctly in the autocompleter popup.
  • fixed an issue where preview wouldn’t show anything in Edge under certain circumstances.
  • fixed the height being incorrectly calculated for the autoresize plugin.

Version 5.0.0-beta-1 November 30, 2018

  • removed compat3x plugin.
  • added a new addNestedMenuItem() UI registry function and changed all nested menu items to use the new registry functions.
  • added title attribute to color swatch colors.
  • added anchorbar component to anchor inline toolbar dialogs to instead of the toolbar.
  • added support for toolbar and toolbar array config options to be squashed into a single toolbar and not create multiple toolbars.
  • added error handling for when forced_root_block config option is set to true.
  • added functionality for the removed_menuitems config option.
  • added the ability to use a string to reference menu items in menu buttons and submenu items.
  • Changed the name of the “inlite” plugin to “quickbars”.
  • Changed the background color icon to highlight background icon.
  • Changed Help dialog to be accessible to screen readers.
  • Changed the color swatch to save selected custom colors to local storage for use across sessions.
  • Changed WindowManager API - methods getParams, setParams and getWindows, and the legacy windows property, have been removed. alert and confirm dialogs are no longer tracked in the window list.
  • fixed an inline mode issue where the save plugin upon saving can cause content loss.
  • fixed an issue in IE 11 where calling selection.getContent() would return an empty string when the editor didn’t have focus.

Version 5.0.0-preview-4 November 12, 2018

  • removed the tox-custom-editor class that was added to the wrapping element of codemirror.
  • added width and height placeholder text to image and media dialog dimensions input.
  • added the ability to keyboard navigate through menus, toolbars, sidebar and the status bar sequentially.
  • added translation capability back to the editor’s UI.
  • added label component type for dialogs to group components under a label
  • Changed the editor resize handle so that it should be disabled when the autoresize plugin is turned on.
  • Changed UI text for microcopy improvements.
  • fixed distraction free plugin.
  • fixed contents of the input field being selected on focus instead of just recieving an outline highlight.
  • fixed styling issues with dialogs and menus in IE 11.
  • fixed custom style format control not honoring custom formats.
  • fixed context menu not appearing when clicking an image with a caption.
  • fixed directionality of UI when using an RTL language.
  • fixed page responsiveness with multiple inline editors.
  • fixed empty toolbar groups appearing through invalid configuration of the toolbar property.
  • fixed text not being retained when updating links through the link dialog.
  • fixed edit image context menu, context toolbar and toolbar items being incorrectly enabled when selecting invalid images.
  • fixed emoji type ahead being shown when typing URLs.
  • fixed toolbar configuration properties incorrectly expecting string arrays instead of strings.
  • fixed the block formatting toolbar item not showing a “Formatting” title when there is no selection.
  • fixed clicking disabled toolbar buttons hiding the toolbar in inline mode.
  • fixed EditorResize event not being fired upon editor resize.
  • fixed tables losing styles when updating through the dialog.
  • fixed context toolbar positioning to be more consistent near the edges of the editor.
  • fixed table of contents plugin now works with v5 toolbar APIs correctly.
  • fixed the link_context_toolbar configuration not disabling the context toolbar.
  • fixed the link context toolbar showing incorrect relative links.
  • fixed the alignment of the icon in alert banner dialog components.
  • fixed the visual blocks and visual char menu options not displaying their toggled state.
  • fixed the editor not displaying as fullscreen when toggled.

Version 5.0.0-preview-3 October 18, 2018

  • Changed editor layout to use modern CSS properties over manually calculating dimensions.
  • Changed autoresize_min_height and autoresize_max_height configurations to min_height and max_height.
  • Changed Whole word label in Search and Replace dialog to Find whole words only.
  • fixed bugs with editor width jumping when resizing and the iframe not resizing to smaller than 150px in height.
  • fixed mobile theme bug that prevented the editor from loading.
  • fixed long toolbar groups extending outside of the editor instead of wrapping
  • fixed dialog titles so they are now proper case.
  • fixed color picker default to be #000000 instead of #ff00ff.
  • fixed “match case” option on the Find and Replace dialog is no longer selected by default.
  • fixed vertical alignment of toolbar icons #DES-134
  • fixed toolbar icons not appearing on IE11 #DES-133

Version 5.0.0-preview-2 October 10, 2018

  • removed colorpicker plugin, it is now in the theme.
  • removed textcolor plugin, it is now in the theme.
  • added swatch is now shown for colorinput fields, instead of the colorpicker directly.
  • added fontformats and fontsizes menu items.
  • Changed configuration of color options has been simplified to color_map, color_cols, and custom_colors.
  • Changed height configuration to apply to the editor frame (including menubar, toolbar, status bar) instead of the content area.
  • fixed styleselect not updating the displayed item as the cursor moved.
  • fixed preview iframe not expanding to the dialog size.
  • fixed ‘meta’ shortcuts not translated into platform-specific text.
  • fixed tabbed dialogs (Charmap and Emoticons) shrinking when no search results returned
  • fixed a bug where alert banner icons were not retrieved from icon pack..
  • fixed component styles to flex so they fill large dialogs..
  • fixed editor flashing unstyled during load (still in progress)..

Version 5.0.0-preview-1 October 1, 2018

  • Developer preview 1

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