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Keyboard shortcuts

Complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

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Editor keyboard shortcuts

This is a list of available keyboard shortcuts within the editor body.

Action PC Mac Core/Plugin
Bold Ctrl+B Command+B core
Italic Ctrl+I Command+I core
Underline Ctrl+U Command+U core
Select All Ctrl+A Command+A core
Redo Ctrl+Y / Ctrl+Shift+Z Command+Y / Command+Shift+Z core
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z core
Header 1 Alt+Shift+1 Ctrl+Option+1 core
Header 2 Alt+Shift+2 Ctrl+Option+2 core
Header 3 Alt+Shift+3 Ctrl+Option+3 core
Header 4 Alt+Shift+4 Ctrl+Option+4 core
Header 5 Alt+Shift+5 Ctrl+Option+5 core
Header 6 Alt+Shift+6 Ctrl+Option+6 core
Paragraph Alt+Shift+7 Ctrl+Option+7 core
Div Alt+Shift+8 Ctrl+Option+8 core
Address Alt+Shift+9 Ctrl+Option+9 core
Focus to menu bar Alt+F9 Option+F9 core
Focus to toolbar Alt+F10 Option+F10 core
Focus to element path Alt+F11 Option+F11 core
Focus to contextual toolbar Ctrl+F9 Ctrl+F9 core
Open the help dialog Alt+0 Option+0 help
Insert link Ctrl+K Command+K link
Toggle Fullscreen Ctrl+Shift+F Command+Shift+F fullscreen
Save Ctrl+S Command+S save
Find Ctrl+F Command+F searchreplace

Accessibility keyboard shortcuts

This is a list of available keyboard shortcuts within the editor user interface.

Action PC Mac
Execute command Enter / Spacebar Enter / Spacebar
Focus on next UI Element
(such as: Menu bar, Toolbar, Toolbar Group, Status Bar Item)
Tab Tab
Focus on previous UI Element
(such as: Menu bar, Toolbar, Toolbar Group, Status Bar Item)
Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Focus next Control
(such as: toolbar button, menu, or menu item)
Right Arrow / Down Arrow Right Arrow / Down Arrow
Focus previous Control
(such as: toolbar button, menu, or menu item)
Left Arrow / Up Arrow Left Arrow / Up Arrow
Open menu or toolbar menu button Down Arrow / Spacebar Down Arrow / Spacebar
Open group toolbar button Spacebar Spacebar
Open split toolbar button Down Arrow Down Arrow
Open the popup menu on split toolbar buttons Shift+Enter Shift+Enter
Open submenu Right Arrow Right Arrow
Close submenu Left Arrow / Esc Left Arrow / Esc
Close dialog Esc Esc
Close menu Esc Esc
Move focus back to editor body Esc Esc

Note: Browsers and Screen Readers provide additional shortcuts within the editor context.

Advanced Code Editor search and replace keyboard shortcuts

Advanced Code Editor provides the following shortcuts for search and replace within the code dialog.

Action PC Mac
Find Ctrl+F Command+F
Find next instance Ctrl+G Command+G
Find previous instance Shift+Ctrl+G Shift+Command+G
Replace Ctrl+H Command+Option+F
Replace All Shift+Ctrl+R Shift+Command+Option+F

Add custom shortcuts to TinyMCE

Important: Adding a custom shortcut with a keyboard combination that conflicts with an existing TinyMCE or browser shortcut will override the existing shortcut.

To add a custom keyboard shortcut to TinyMCE, use either:

Shortcut modifier key mappings

When creating shortcuts for TinyMCE, the following modifiers can be used. Some modifiers map to different keys, depending on the user’s operating system.

Modifier PC macOS
Meta Ctrl Command
Shift Shift Shift
Ctrl Ctrl Control
Alt Alt Option
Access Shift+Alt Control+Option

Example: Custom keyboard shortcut

  selector: 'textarea#custom-shortcut',
  height: 300,
  setup: function (editor) {
      'meta+alt+y', 'Add yellow highlight to selected text.', function () {
      editor.execCommand('hilitecolor', false , '#FFFF00');
  content_style: 'body { font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px }'

Example: Adding a custom shortcut for a menu item

When adding a shortcut for a custom menu item, add both a custom shortcut and a custom menu item. To display the shortcut on a custom menu item, add the shortcut configuration option when creating the menu item.

  selector: '#custom-shortcut-2',
  height: 300,
  plugins: 'autolink lists link',
  toolbar: 'undo redo | bold italic link bullist | insertUsername',
  setup: function (editor) {
    var insertUsername = function () {

    editor.addShortcut('meta+alt+U', 'Insert username', function () {

    editor.ui.registry.addMenuButton('insertUsername', {
      icon: 'plus',
      fetch: function (callback) {
        var items = [
            type: 'menuitem',
            text: 'Insert username',
            shortcut: 'meta+alt+U',
            onAction: function () {
  content_style: 'body { font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px }'

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