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Accessibility Checker

Don't risk content creators publishing non-compliant content

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Developed by experts to support legal compliance

The only accessibility plug-in developed in-house by a team of experts. The TinyMCE Accessibility Checker focuses on exceeding WCAG "A", "AA", and "AAA" levels. Stay at the forefront of innovation and ahead of the legal curve.

Maximise your contents' impact

Don’t miss out on engaging with the millions of people around the world using screen readers or other assistive technologies. Designing for disabilities forces more creativity to develop a product that is not only more inclusive – but also more innovative.

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Maintaining legal compliance

Accessible content is rapidly becoming a legal requirement, not just a nice to have. With more court cases happening globally, creating accessible content is a legal requirement, you cannot risk your product, or team, being unprepared.

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Guide creators without developers

Writing content that is well-written, and accessible, is expensive and time-consuming, especially when you need to hire an expert. Our plugin enables content authors to check for accessibility problems using an in-editor dialog, complete with a repair feature that corrects the errors on their behalf.

Screenshot showing warning states within Accessibility Checker

"TinyMCE does what it says it's going to do. It's as simple as that. Building something ourselves would be a hundred times more costly, and now we don't have to waste time responding to support calls or trying to fix bugs."

Chris Creery|Senior Software Architect

Interactive demo

Experience Accessibility Checker for yourself below.

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