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Custom toolbar button

This example shows you how to add a custom button to the toolbar.

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This example shows you how to add a custom button to the toolbar in Tiny 5.

  selector: 'textarea#custom-toolbar-button',
  toolbar: 'customInsertButton customDateButton',
  setup: function (editor) {

    editor.ui.registry.addButton('customInsertButton', {
      text: 'My Button',
      onAction: function (_) {
        editor.insertContent('&nbsp;<strong>It\'s my button!</strong>&nbsp;');

    var toTimeHtml = function (date) {
      return '<time datetime="' + date.toString() + '">' + date.toDateString() + '</time>';

    editor.ui.registry.addButton('customDateButton', {
      icon: 'insert-time',
      tooltip: 'Insert Current Date',
      disabled: true,
      onAction: function (_) {
        editor.insertContent(toTimeHtml(new Date()));
      onSetup: function (buttonApi) {
        var editorEventCallback = function (eventApi) {
          buttonApi.setDisabled(eventApi.element.nodeName.toLowerCase() === 'time');
        editor.on('NodeChange', editorEventCallback);

        /* onSetup should always return the unbind handlers */
        return function (buttonApi) {
          editor.off('NodeChange', editorEventCallback);

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