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TinyMCE full feature list

The world's most advanced rich text editor has all the features developers are looking for.

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TinyMCE features illustration
TinyMCE features illustration


All the features included in our open source editor


Accordion Transform lengthy content into collapsible blocks, making it easier to scan and consume.

Advanced List

Extend the bullist and numlist toolbar controls by adding CSS list-style-type number formats and bullet types.


Add an anchor/bookmark button to the toolbar that inserts an anchor at the editor’s cursor insertion point.


Create hyperlinks automatically when a user inputs a valid and complete URL.


Resize the editor automatically to the content inside it, and prevent the editor from expanding infinitely.


Warns the user if modifications to the content have not been saved. Includes "Restore last draft" functionality.

Character Map

Add a dialog to the editor with a map of special unicode characters which cannot be added directly from the keyboard.


Add a toolbar button that allows a user to edit the HTML code hidden by the WYSIWYG view.

Code Sample

Insert and embed syntax color highlighted code snippets into the editable area.

Color Picker

An intuitive color picking tool that is now part of the editor core in TinyMCE 5.

Context Menu

Adds a configurable right-click context menu that is now part of the editor core in TinyMCE 5.


Add directionality controls to the toolbar and enable TinyMCE to better handle languages written from right to left.


Insert emojis into TinyMCE’s editable area. The default emoji set can be extended or overridden.

Full Screen

Enable the capability for the editable area to fill the browser's viewport.


Add a button and/or menu item that shows handy keyboard shortcuts as well as installed plugins.

Horizontal Rule

Allow a user to insert a horizontal rule on the page at the cursor insertion point.


Enable the user to insert an image into the editable area with many customization options.

Import CSS

Add the ability to automatically import CSS classes from the CSS file specified in the content_css configuration setting.

Insert Date/Time

Insert the current date and/or time into the editable area at the cursor insertion point.


Allow a user to link selected text in their document to external resources such as website URLs.


Add numbered and bulleted lists to content. Add the Advanced List plugin for expanded functionality.


Add HTML5 video and audio elements to the editable area. Includes option for live preview of embedded videos.

Multi-Root Editing

Create fully-templated documents, all inside one TinyMCE editor.

Learn more ->

Nonbreaking Space

Add a button for inserting the nonbreaking space entity   at the cursor insert point.


Prevent end users from being able to edit content within elements assigned the mceNonEditable class.

Page Break

Add page break support and insert page breaks in the editable area.


Standard functionality for copy and paste, with an array of configuration options.


Show a popup of the current content in read-only format via a preview button on the toolbar.


Add a print button to the toolbar, and a Print item to the File menu dropdown.

Quick Toolbar

Enables Medium-style user interface components to help users create content faster.


Add a save button to the TinyMCE toolbar, with options to customize the execution of the plugin.

Search and Replace

Add search/replace dialogs to TinyMCE to find and replace content faster.

Tab Focus

Tab into and out of the TinyMCE control in your web form with configuration options around tab focus.


Add table editing functionality with options to modify cells, rows and columns.


Add support for custom templates with many configuration options for the execution of those templates.

Text Color

The ability to customize the color of your text has been moved into the editor core of TinyMCE 5.

Text Pattern

Match special patterns in the text and apply formats, replace text, or execute commands on these patterns.

Visual Blocks

Allows a user to see block level elements such as paragraphs in the editable area.

Visual Characters

See invisible characters like   displayed in the editable area.

Word Count

Add word and character count functionality with a counter on the right edge of the status bar.

"We really wanted something supported by a community of millions, where we knew everything had been tried, tested and validated."

Justin Witz|CTO and Co-Founder

Premium features



Productivity features enabling content creators to create content faster, and developers to ship sooner. Available in Essential and above.

Advanced Code Editor

Make it easier to modify the HTML underneath your WYSIWYG content, right within TinyMCE.

Learn more ->

Advanced Tables

Take your tables to the next level with advanced sorting and table functionality.

Learn more ->

Case Change

Toggle selected text quickly between Title Case, UPPERCASE and lowercase.

Learn more ->


Help your users organise critical tasks and improve productivity with this universal tool.

Learn more ->

Enhanced Image Editing

Flip, rotate, crop, resize and apply filters to your images, all within the editor.

Learn more ->

Enhanced Media Embed

Add media previews from the most popular sources, including Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

Learn more ->


Export content directly to PDF with just the click of a button.

Learn more ->

Format Painter

Copy and paste formatting, such as font style and size, from one content location to another.

Learn more ->

Inline CSS

Generate CSS-inlined HTML for email and other self-contained uses.

Learn more ->

Merge Tags

Insert read-only merge tags (also known as tokens or mail merge fields) into your content.

Learn more ->

Page Embed

Enrich UX and drive engagement by embedding any webpage into your content.

Learn more ->

Permanent Pen

Used when distinctly styled text needs to be repeatedly added. Great time saver!

Learn more ->


Clean copy/paste functionality for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Excel, and other popular tools.

Learn more ->

Skins & Icon Packs

Quickly match your editor UI to popular design systems. Bootstrap, Microsoft Fluent, Material Design & more.

Learn more ->

Table of Contents

Generate a Table of Contents from headers in the content, up to nine levels deep.

Learn more ->

Premium features


Compliance features for when legal and brand can't take a backseat. Available in Professional and above.

Accessibility Checker

Reach more users and ensure your content complies with WCAG standards.

Learn more ->

Advanced Templates

Create, organize, and insert content snippets in seconds.

Learn more ->

Advanced Typography

Improve content readability by applying 25+ typographic conventions commonly used in publishing.

Learn more ->

Spelling Autocorrect

Fix obvious (and not-so-obvious) mistakes before they see the light of day.

Learn more ->


Insert footnotes into documents and other content with the click of a button.

Learn more ->

Link Checker

Automatically check if a URL is valid and never again frustrate your users with a broken link.

Learn more ->

Spell Checker Pro

Typos are a thing of the past with multilingual spell checking and custom dictionaries.

Learn more ->

"Without Tiny, we would have had to put somebody full time on building a tool like that, which could easily have cost $100,000 a year, not to mention the ongoing costs of maintaining an expensive tool."

Chris Creery|Senior Software Architect

Premium features


Collaboration features bringing the most modern user experience available in content creation. Available in our custom plans.


Improve team collaboration and engagement through comments and threaded conversations.

Learn more ->


Kickstart conversations in your site or app by allowing users to @mention others in your content.

Learn more ->

Premium features

AI Assistant

Write better and faster, with the power of generative AI built into your app.

Learn more ->

Tiny Drive

Seamlessly manage your files or images and distribute them on the cloud or on your own servers.

Learn more ->

"In our field, it’s expected that you have a nice editor. Using TinyMCE saved us half a year or even more of development time. And in the end, I'm not sure if we would have even had the knowledge to be able to build such an editor by ourselves."

Bastian Bickelhaupt|CTO and Co-Founder

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