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⭐ PREMIUM Included in Word Processor Feature bundle


Easily keep track of and prioritize important tasks

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An abstract illustration of our Checklist plugin

Organize to do lists and completed tasks

The checklist is a universal tool for helping people organize critical tasks and increase productivity, and is suitable for use in countless professional and personal settings.

Increase user productivity

Checklists can be created from scratch or from existing text, making it easier than ever to boost productivity. Once an item has been completed, click, and the empty checkbox will be replaced by a box and checkmark.

Screenshot of a checklist with just one item unchecked

"Being able to know that we’ve made a good choice with TinyMCE - that we don’t have to worry about the editor, and can go on to focus on other things is so valuable."

Geoff McQueen|CEO

Experience Checklist for yourself

This interactive demo lets you play with the feature to see the ways that it can improve the content creation, editing and publishing experiences in your app.

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Available as a ⭐ PREMIUM plugin in the Word Processor Feature bundleExplore Pricing