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Kickstart conversations in your app or product

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An abstract illustration of our Mentions plugin

Get content creators talking

This feature lets users send notifications through an @mention typed into the editor. It’s a familiar form of communication that's used every day on social networks, so your users expect to also be able to use them when creating content.

Increase engagement

This feature brings true collaborative functionality into your product – helping your users to get faster reviews, deeper engagement and better interactions between content creators.

A screenshot showcasing avatars, names and job roles shown within a dropdown menu when @usernames

Reduce developer burden

There’s no need to invest thousands of hours of developers' time to create features that you can easily buy out-of-the-box features. Instead, draw on our domain expertise and let TinyMCE do the heavy lifting, so your team can focus on your core product.

An abstract illustration showing a clock and code

"TinyMCE works the way it’s supposed to every time, which is I think the most important thing. It's always good to know that you're using the best available tools."

Matt Byrom|Managing Director

Experience Mentions for yourself

This interactive demo lets you play with the feature to see the ways that it can improve the content creation, editing and publishing experiences in your app.

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