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Logo & attribution requirements

TinyMCE Terms of Service.

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Tiny Cloud is available to anyone wanting to integrate TinyMCE into their own website or application. Use of Tiny Cloud is governed by the Terms of Service. Among other things, these terms require adhering to specific guidelines on how branding for Tiny must be handled. The purpose of this document is to highlight these requirements.

There is a POWERED BY TINY attribution in the status bar that is enabled by default for all Tiny Cloud users. The Tiny Cloud Community Plan is meant to support small projects and give back to the community. This option cannot be disabled on a free Tiny Account. However, it is optional for users on other paid tiers to include attribution and link back to Tiny via a logo or text to let the world know that their editor is powered by Tiny.

When including attribution, the following requirements must be met:

  • POWERED BY TINY” to be stated or the Tiny logo placed in a readily visible location whenever the editor is loaded.
  • The word “Tiny” or the Tiny logo should have a hyperlink to
  • The location of the product attribution is to be:

    • In the right-hand corner of the status bar of the TinyMCE editor; or
    • An alternate location adjacent to the TinyMCE editor that is no less prominent.

The following example shows the status bar product attribution in the bottom, right-hand corner:

Screenshot of homepage TinyMCE demo including product attribution in the bottom, right-hand corner

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