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We're making content creation globally accessible

The team behind some of the world's most popular developer tools.

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Julia Dikevich
Lorenzo Pomili
Kate Rems
Jeff Stoermer
Mike Chau
Steven Hamilton
Michael Fromin
Sebastian Cascajares
Luke Trouton
Spencer Mayeda
Land Smith-Abbinante
Jasmin Brown
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Alex Averin

Who is Tiny?

If you've ever written content on the web the chances are you've used a Tiny product. We're the makers of TinyMCE and other great developer tools. Our team works to bring content creation tools to the globe through open-source initiatives.

We're remote-first, this means we are always looking for the best talent, regardless of where you live. Our culture is WYSIWYG, just like our editor; what you see is what you get when it comes to our team.

Work happier. Location, hours, and flexibility that suits your lifestyle.

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"As a graduate, Tiny has provided me with the best opportunities to build my career. The Tiny culture surrounds me with like-minded people that help to support and nurture my greatest potential."

Qiran Gabrielle-GraceMarketing Assistant

Benefits & balance

Remote first

Work from anywhere! Skip the commute and focus on lifestyle, Tiny is a remote first company allowing you to prioritize your work/life balance over long commutes.

Family first

We believe in caring for families and our people at all stages of life. With a commitment to flexibility, we allow our team to put their family first.

Learning & growth

To really thrive in your role it is important we continue to give you growth, learning, and development opportunities. Here at Tiny, we are committed to the growth and development of our team members, supporting them to reach their career goals.

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Meet our Leaders

Always lead by example while being authentic and empathetic.

Amy Chen


Amy Chen

Tiny has a big, energizing mission with the smartest, kindest, and most passionate people working together to get it done each and every day.

Andrew Roberts


Andrew Roberts

Great results don't just come from one person but through many people collaborating to create something great.

Elise Bentley

VP of Marketing

Elise Bentley

We deliver more value to our customers by forging new connections, engaging in collaboration and innovation with a broader ecosystem.

Kate Bazilevskaya

Director of Business Development/Partnerships

Kate Bazilevskaya

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Michael Fromin

VP of Customer Success

Michael Fromin

Making our complex world Tiny by democratizing access to content.

Mike Hideo

VP of Engineering

Mike Hideo

Reading is one of the most important skill our species has ever acquired. Great content is about great communication!

Roman Khudonogov

Head of Product and Design

Roman Khudonogov

At Tiny, we fully understand that delighting our customers is the key to our own success.

Tim Thatcher


Tim Thatcher

Great salespeople help their customers unlock the unrealized potential to achieve great things.

Steven Hamilton

Director, Sales

Steven Hamilton

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