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Embed rich media

Add rich media previews inside TinyMCE.

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The Enhanced Media Embed plugin makes it easy to add an enhanced content creation experience in your website or app with enriched media previews from the most popular web sources. Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, NY Times, Vimeo, Hulu, Tumblr, CodePen, SlideShare, TechCrunch, WordPress, Twitch, Spotify … and many more!

By easy, we mean easy. The service automatically “looks behind the link” to see whether a URL in the TinyMCE editor points to a rich media source. That URL will resolve into an enhanced media thumbnail whenever possible.

It is now as simple as adding a plugin to deliver a modern, content creation experience that everyone takes for granted.

Your have two deployment options. One is super easy with Tiny Cloud, the other is to go the more traditional Self-hosted route, requiring an additional server-side component to be installed and configured.

Enhanced Media Embed cloud setup

Tiny Cloud makes setting up Enhanced Media Embed a breeze. Simply include the mediaembed parameter in your tinymce.init and have the Tiny Cloud services do the work for you.

Enhanced Media Embed self-hosted setup

If you’d rather deploy Enhanced Media Embed via the Self-hosted package, you have a little more work to do. Once you’ve got the server-side component installed, additional configuration to your application.conf file is required. (Don’t forget to restart the Java application server after updating the configuration.)

You also need to integrate and configure the Enhanced Media Embed server.

Important note: The Enhanced Media Embed server currently does not support integration with IBM WebSphere Application Server.

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