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Mentions brings social sharing to TinyMCE.

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It is now possible for users to send notifications to other users using the Mentions plugin through an @username in the document. Using @username for notifications are incredibly commonplace in social software such as Twitter and Facebook along with social enterprise applications such as IBM’s Connections suite.

Users can communicate every day using @username on social networks and can expect to be able to use them when creating content too.

There are two deployment options. One is with Tiny Cloud, the other is the more traditional Self-hosted route, requiring an additional server-side component to be installed and configured.

Please note that this feature requires a backend integration with a system to handle listing of users, as well as sending the notifications. Refer to this example code for more information. There are two integration points: getting a user list when @abc... is typed, and on submitting the form, sending a notification to the @username in the document.

Mentions cloud setup

Mentions is available for download through Tiny Cloud. Include the mentions parameter in the tinymce.init script. Refer to the Mentions documentation, for more information on setup and configuration.

Try our Mentions plugin demo

Getting started with TinyMCE Mentions

Creating an account

Try the Mentions plugin and the Tiny Cloud with a free Tiny Account. New accounts receive a 14-day trial of the Tiny premium plugins, skins, and icon packs; with no credit card information or commitment required.

Get TinyMCE Mentions

The Mentions plugin is included in Tiny Custom Plans.

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