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NOTE: TinyMCE 5 reached End of Support in April 2023. No more bug fixes, security updates, or new features will be introduced to TinyMCE 5. We recommend you upgrade to TinyMCE 6 or consider TinyMCE 5 Long Term Support (LTS) if you need more time.

Advanced Code Editor plugin

How to setup TinyMCE's Advanced Code Editor plugin.

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+ toolbar button + menu item

Note: This plugin is only available for paid TinyMCE subscriptions.

This plugin adds a toolbar button that allows a user to edit the HTML code using a more advanced code editor than the default textarea.

If you are using Advanced Code Editor advcode plugin, make sure you do not use Code (code) plugin.

Example: Basic setup

  selector: 'textarea',  // change this value according to your HTML
  plugins: 'advcode',
  toolbar: 'code'

The difference between the Code and Advanced Code Editor plugins

The Code Plugin

The Advanced Code Editor Plugin

Advanced Code Editor search and replace keyboard shortcuts

Advanced Code Editor provides the following shortcuts for search and replace within the code dialog.

Action PC Mac
Find Ctrl+F Command+F
Find next instance Ctrl+G Command+G
Find previous instance Shift+Ctrl+G Shift+Command+G
Replace Ctrl+H Command+Option+F
Replace All Shift+Ctrl+R Shift+Command+Option+F

Toolbar buttons

The Advanced Code Editor plugin provides the following toolbar buttons:

Toolbar button identifier Description
code Opens the code dialog

These toolbar buttons can be added to the editor using:

Menu items

The Advanced Code Editor plugin provides the following menu items:

Menu item identifier Default Menu Location Description
code View Opens the code dialog.

These menu items can be added to the editor using:


The Advanced Code plugin provides the following JavaScript command.

Command Description
mceCodeEditor Opens the code editor dialog.



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