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Introduce threaded conversation directly in your app or product

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An abstract illustration of our Comments plugin

Improving collaboration and engagement

Reviewed content is better content. What used to be a solitary endeavor can now be a collaborative experience. From colleagues working in real-time within the same office or on the other side of the world add comments to your next big idea.

Threaded conversations at your finger tips

Comments offers the ability for other users to reply to comments and create a threaded conversation based on the original comment. This ability is a huge time saver, allowing real-time conversations via the comments.

A screenshot of selecting text and triggering a comment within a popup dialog

Comment storage how you want it

Comments comes with an out-of-the-box client-side storage solution where the comments are stored in the content. You can also build your own storage solution tailor-made for your workflow. Plus, with the comment event API, your app can listen for, and act upon, comment events in real time.

An abstract illustration showing speech bubbles in a storage container

"This was exactly one of those upgrades that made our tool more usable. The bigger the feature set people have at their disposal, the more they will use the tool, and the more useful it will be for them. That’s exactly what we’re looking to do with every feature upgrade that we implement, and that’s what Tiny helped us do here."

Matt Byrom|Managing Director

Interactive demo

Experience Comments for yourself below.

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