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Available in Essential and above

Enhanced Media Embed

Add enriched media previews to TinyMCE from the most popular web sources, including YouTube, SlideShare, and Spotify

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Abstract illustration of the Enhanced Media Embed plugin

Creating an enriched media experience

Enhance the content experience in your website or app with enriched media previews from the most popular web sources. With support for 1,800+ media sources, we cover all your media embed needs.

Easy to implement, even easier to use

By easy, we mean easy. The service automatically “looks behind the link” to see whether a URL in the TinyMCE editor points to a rich media source. It is now as simple as adding a plugin to deliver a modern, content creation experience that everyone takes for granted.

A collection of logos from services such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Previews on demand

Enhanced Media Embed gives you the rich media type your content creators want on demand. With live video previews, audio playlists, rich media previews, slides and presentations, and more, every kind of rich media is available at your fingertips.

A screenshot of TinyMCE showing the Embed Media Plugin

"In our field, it’s expected that you have a nice editor. Using TinyMCE saved us half a year or even more of development time. And in the end, I'm not sure if we would have even had the knowledge to be able to build such an editor by ourselves."

Bastian Bickelhaupt|CTO and Co-Founder

Interactive demo

Experience Enhanced Media Embed for yourself below.

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Available in Essential and aboveExplore Pricing