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Context Menu Items Available for TinyMCE

Complete list of available context menu sections.

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Available context menu sections

The following table shows all context menu sections, including sections provided by plugins. Any menu item can also be added to the context menu. To retrieve a list from the editor, run the following command from the browser console:


The identifier below will add a context menu section containing one or more items. It is not possible to add individual items from the following context menu sections.

identifier Core/Plugin Description
image Image Adds the Image… item for opening the Insert/Edit Image dialog.
imagetools Image Tools Adds the Edit image item for opening the Edit Image dialog.
link Link Adds the Link… item for opening the Insert/Edit Link dialog.
linkchecker Link Checker Adds the Ignore item on links marked as broken, allowing the user to instruct linkchecker to ignore the link.
lists Lists Adds the List properties… item for opening the List Properties dialog.
configurepermanentpen Permanent Pen Adds the Permanent pen properties… item for opening the Permanent Pen Properties dialog when the permanent pen is in use.
spellchecker Spell Checker Adds a list suggested corrections, an Ignore item, and an Ignore all item.
table Table Adds table related context menu items, including Advanced Tables context menu items (if the Advanced Tables plugin is enabled).

For a list of available menu items that can be added to the context menu, see: Menu Items Available for TinyMCE.

For information on customizing the context menu and adding custom context menu sections, see: Context menu.

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