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A checklist is a proven method to improve productivity and quality of a business and are generally a great way of getting things done. The Checklist plugin helps the user keep track of all required actions by creating a simple, clean, and easy to use TODO list.

Common use cases for using a checklist:

  • Private & Work - Checklist can help in keeping work and private tasks separate for more efficiency.
  • Tracking Bills - Checklists can be created to avoid forgetting payment cycles to pay a bill on time.
  • Shopping list - Checklist can help create a grocery list in the browser that can be shared with the other family members to collaborate or act as a reminder while shopping.
  • Entertainment tracker - Checklist can help create list of movies & TV series to keep a tab on the movies to watch or set weekly reminders at the right time to avoid missing a show.
  • Industry applications - There are a lot of professional applications of using a Checklist, such as:
    • Used in quality assurance of software engineering to check process compliance, code standardization, and error prevention.
    • Pre-flight checklists to aid in aviation safety to ensure that critical items are not overlooked.
    • Used by some investors as a critical part of their investment process.
    • Checklists are useful for school camps to create emergency survival kits.
    • In professional diving checklists can be used for preparation of equipment for a diving session.

Getting started

Creating an account

To try out Checklist and Tiny Cloud-delivered editor, the first step is to create a free Tiny Account.

Tiny Accounts receive a free 30-day trial of all Tiny Cloud premium plugins, with no credit card information or commitment required.

Buy TinyMCE Checklist

Start with this dedicated product page to see all the flexible pricing options. OEM and enterprise customers should contact sales directly.

For more information on Checklist refer to the full documentation.

There is also a demo provided to explore the Checklist capabilities here.

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