Full featured demo: Non-Premium Plugins only

This example includes only non-premium plugins. These plugins are also used in the Full featured demo: Including Premium Plugins.

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<textarea id="open-source-plugins">
  <p><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" title="Tiny Logo" src="https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/images/logos/android-chrome-256x256.png" alt="TinyMCE Logo" width="128" height="128"></p>
  <h2 style="text-align: center;">Welcome to the TinyMCE Cloud demo!</h2>
  <p>Please try out the features provided in this full featured example (excluding <a href="https://www.tiny.cloud/tinymce/features/">Premium Plugins</a> ).</p>

  <h2>Got questions or need help?</h2>
    <li>Our <a class="mceNonEditable" href="https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/tinymce/6/">documentation</a> is a great resource for learning how to configure TinyMCE.</li>
    <li>Have a specific question? Try the <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/tinymce" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><code>tinymce</code> tag at Stack Overflow</a>.</li>
    <li>We also offer enterprise grade support as part of <a href="https://www.tiny.cloud/pricing">TinyMCE premium plans</a>.</li>

  <h2>A simple table to play with</h2>
  <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%;" border="1">
        <td>TinyMCE Cloud</td>
        <td>Get started for free</td>

  <h2>Found a bug?</h2>
  <p>If you think you have found a bug please create an issue on the <a href="https://github.com/tinymce/tinymce/issues">GitHub repo</a> to report it to the developers.</p>

  <h2>Finally ...</h2>
  <p>Don't forget to check out our other product <a href="http://www.plupload.com" target="_blank">Plupload</a>, your ultimate upload solution featuring HTML5 upload support.</p>
  <p>Thanks for supporting TinyMCE! We hope it helps you and your users create great content.<br>All the best from the TinyMCE team.</p>
/* For other boilerplate styles, see: https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/tinymce/7/editor-content-css/ */
* For rendering images inserted using the image plugin.
* Includes image captions using the HTML5 figure element.

figure.image {
  display: inline-block;
  border: 1px solid gray;
  margin: 0 2px 0 1px;
  background: #f5f2f0;

figure.align-left {
  float: left;

figure.align-right {
  float: right;

figure.image img {
  margin: 8px 8px 0 8px;

figure.image figcaption {
  margin: 6px 8px 6px 8px;
  text-align: center;

 Alignment using classes rather than inline styles
 check out the "formats" option

img.align-left {
  float: left;

img.align-right {
  float: right;

/* Basic styles for Table of Contents plugin (tableofcontents) */
.mce-toc {
  border: 1px solid gray;

.mce-toc h2 {
  margin: 4px;

.mce-toc li {
  list-style-type: none;
const useDarkMode = window.matchMedia('(prefers-color-scheme: dark)').matches;
const isSmallScreen = window.matchMedia('(max-width: 1023.5px)').matches;

  selector: 'textarea#open-source-plugins',
  plugins: 'preview importcss searchreplace autolink autosave save directionality code visualblocks visualchars fullscreen image link media codesample table charmap pagebreak nonbreaking anchor insertdatetime advlist lists wordcount help charmap quickbars emoticons accordion',
  editimage_cors_hosts: ['picsum.photos'],
  menubar: 'file edit view insert format tools table help',
  toolbar: "undo redo | accordion accordionremove | blocks fontfamily fontsize | bold italic underline strikethrough | align numlist bullist | link image | table media | lineheight outdent indent| forecolor backcolor removeformat | charmap emoticons | code fullscreen preview | save print | pagebreak anchor codesample | ltr rtl",
  autosave_ask_before_unload: true,
  autosave_interval: '30s',
  autosave_prefix: '{path}{query}-{id}-',
  autosave_restore_when_empty: false,
  autosave_retention: '2m',
  image_advtab: true,
  link_list: [
    { title: 'My page 1', value: 'https://www.tiny.cloud' },
    { title: 'My page 2', value: 'http://www.moxiecode.com' }
  image_list: [
    { title: 'My page 1', value: 'https://www.tiny.cloud' },
    { title: 'My page 2', value: 'http://www.moxiecode.com' }
  image_class_list: [
    { title: 'None', value: '' },
    { title: 'Some class', value: 'class-name' }
  importcss_append: true,
  file_picker_callback: (callback, value, meta) => {
    /* Provide file and text for the link dialog */
    if (meta.filetype === 'file') {
      callback('https://www.google.com/logos/google.jpg', { text: 'My text' });

    /* Provide image and alt text for the image dialog */
    if (meta.filetype === 'image') {
      callback('https://www.google.com/logos/google.jpg', { alt: 'My alt text' });

    /* Provide alternative source and posted for the media dialog */
    if (meta.filetype === 'media') {
      callback('movie.mp4', { source2: 'alt.ogg', poster: 'https://www.google.com/logos/google.jpg' });
  height: 600,
  image_caption: true,
  quickbars_selection_toolbar: 'bold italic | quicklink h2 h3 blockquote quickimage quicktable',
  noneditable_class: 'mceNonEditable',
  toolbar_mode: 'sliding',
  contextmenu: 'link image table',
  skin: useDarkMode ? 'oxide-dark' : 'oxide',
  content_css: useDarkMode ? 'dark' : 'default',
  content_style: 'body { font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size:16px }'

The following plugins are excluded from this example:

Excluded plugins Notes

All premium plugins.

Use the Full featured demo including Premium Plugins


Resizes the editor to fit the content.