Introduction and initial setup for containerized server-side services from the premium self-hosted bundle

The TinyMCE Enterprise server-side components can be deployed on Docker orchestration applications such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or OpenShift. Tiny provides packages containing pre-configured Dockerfiles for building and deploying the TinyMCE Enterprise server-side components using Docker.

Containerized services for Self-hosted Enterprise deployments

The following sections assist with containerizing the TinyMCE services for users with licenses to the Self-hosted TinyMCE Enterprise bundles:

  • The Self-hosted Essential bundle.

  • The Self-hosted Professional bundle.

  • The Self-hosted Premium bundle.


Download and extract the TinyMCE Self-hosted Bundle

  1. Go to Tiny Account Downloads and download the TinyMCE self-hosted bundle .zip file.

  2. Open a command line and navigate to the directory containing the downloaded .zip file:

    • for Self-hosted Essential users.

    • for Self-hosted Professional users.

    • for Self-hosted Premium users.

      Windows Users should open a Bash command line as the Administrator User.

  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file, such as:

    unzip -d tinymce-selfhosted

    The structure of the extracted files will be:

    ├── tinymce/
    └── tinymce-services/
        ├── ephox-hyperlinking.war
        ├── ephox-image-proxy.war
        ├── ephox-spelling.war
        └── version.txt
  4. Navigate into the tinymce-services folder.

    cd tinymce-selfhosted/tinymce-services/

Proceed to setting up and deploying the containerized services: