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TinyMCE Feature Ideas
and Roadmap

See what we’re working on, what's in development
and future opportunities

TinyMCE features illustration
TinyMCE features illustration

What's in the TinyMCE Roadmap?

The TinyMCE Public Roadmap is divided into three tabs:

→ Ideas - new features under consideration.
We’re seeking your input on these, to prioritize and refine their scope.

→ In progress - feature enhancements currently underway.
Expect these to launch in either an upcoming minor or major release.

→ Launched - a list of enhancements included in recent releases.
The tiles within each tab explain the potential new (or launched) features. Your feedback helps us prioritize our development work and shape the future direction for TinyMCE feature improvements, changes and extensions.

TinyMCE Roadmap Feature Request

In addition to commenting on potential new features, you can also submit your own suggestions.

All your ideas go directly to our Product team, who review them to see if or where they can fit into the future roadmap.

Thanks in advance!

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