This is the TinyMCE Community version changelog. For information about the latest Tiny Cloud or TinyMCE Enterprise Release, see: TinyMCE Release Notes.

7.1 - 2024-05-08


  • New math-equation icon.


  • Included itemprop, itemscope, and itemtype as valid HTML5 attributes in the core schema.

  • Improved accessibility for notifications: added tooltips, keyboard navigation, and a shortcut to focus on notifications.

  • Removed aria-pressed from the More button in sliding toolbar mode and replaced it with aria-expanded.

  • The editor UI now renders correctly in Windows High Contrast Mode.


  • Backspacing in certain HTML setups caused data to move around unexpectedly.

  • Dialog title markup was changed to use an h1 element instead of a div.

  • The dialog title was not announced in macOS VoiceOver; dialogs now use aria-label instead of aria-labelledby on macOS.

  • The theme loader did not respect the suffix when loading skin CSS files.

  • Custom block elements with colon characters would throw errors.

  • Tab navigation in views didn’t work.

  • Video and audio elements couldn’t be played on Safari.

  • The ToggleToolbarDrawer command did not toggle the toolbar in sliding mode when the skipFocus: true parameter was passed.

  • The buttons in the custom view header were clipped when overflowing.

  • In the custom view, the scrollbar of the container was not visible if its height was greater than the editor.

  • Fixed an accessibility issue by removing the duplicate role="menu" attribute from color swatches.

  • Fullscreen mode now prevents focus from leaving the editor.

  • The "Open Link" context menu action did not work when the selection surrounded a link.

  • Styles were not retained when toggling a list on and off.

  • Caret and placeholder text were invisible in Windows High Contrast Mode.

  • Firefox did not announce the iframe title when iframe_aria_text was set.

  • Notification width was not constrained to the width of the editor.

  • The "Open Link" context menu action was not enabled for links on images.

7.0.1 - 2024-04-10


  • Toggle list behavior generated wrong HTML when the forced_root_block option was set to div.

  • Tapping inside a composed text on Firefox Android would not close the autocompleter.

  • An inline editor toolbar now behaves correctly in horizontally scrolled containers.

  • Tooltips unintended shrinking and incorrectly positioned when shown in horizontally scrollable container.

  • The status bar was invisible when the editor’s height was set to the minimum.

7.0.0 - 2024-03-20

TinyMCE 7.0 is licensed under GPL Version 2 or later. This version introduces a new license_key configuration setting that gives self-hosted users the ability to select a usage under the GPL or to authenticate their paid license with Tiny.


  • New license_key option that must be set to gpl or a valid license key.

  • New custom tooltip functionality, tooltip will be shown when hovering with a mouse or with keyboard focus.

  • New sandbox_iframes_exclusions option that holds a list of URL host names to be excluded from iframe sandboxing when sandbox_iframes is set to true.

  • Added 'getAllEmojis' api function to the emoticons plugin.

  • Element preset support for the valid_children option and Schema.addValidChildren API.

  • A new trigger property for block text pattern configurations, allowing pattern activation with either Space or Enter keys.

  • Added onFocus callback for CustomEditor dialog component.

  • Added icons for the import from Word, export to Word and export to PDF premium plugins.

  • Added data is now a valid element in the Schema.

  • More advanced schema config for custom elements.

  • Added custom tooltip for autocompleter, now visible on both mouse hover and keyboard focus, except single column cases.

  • Added importword, exportpdf and exportword menu items to default file menu.


  • Included keyboard shortcut in custom tooltip for ToolbarButton and ToolbarToggleButton.

  • Improved showing which element has focus for keyboard navigation.

  • Custom tooltips will now show for items in collection which is rendered inside a dialog, on mouse hover and keyboard focus.

  • Autocompleter will now work with IMEs.

  • Make table ghost element better reflect height changes when resizing.


  • TinyMCE is now licensed GPL Version 2 or later.

  • convert_unsafe_embeds editor option is now defaulted to true.

  • sandbox_iframes editor option is now defaulted to true.

  • The DOMUtils.isEmpty API function has been modified to consider nodes containing only comments as empty.

  • The highlight_on_focus option now defaults to true, adding a focus outline to every editor.

  • Delay before the tooltip to show up, from 800ms to 300ms.

  • Now tox-view__pane has position: relative instead of static.

  • Update outbound link for statusbar Tiny logo.

  • Remove the height field from the table plugin cell dialog. The table plugin row dialog now controls the row height by setting the height on the tr element, not the td elements.

  • Change table height resizing handling to remove heights from td/th elements and only apply to tr elements.

  • Removed incorrect aria-placeholder attribute from editor body when placeholder option is set.

  • The tooltip property for dialog’s footer togglebutton is now optional.

  • Changed the media_url_resolver option to use promises.

  • Styles bespoke toolbar button fallback changed to Formats if Paragraph is not configured in style_formats option.

  • Updated deprecation/removed console message.


  • Deprecated force_hex_color option, with the default now being all colors are forced to hex format as lower case.

  • Deprecated remove_trailing_brs option from DomParser.

  • title attribute on buttons with visible label.

  • InsertOrderedList and InsertUnorderedList commands from core, these now only exist in the lists plugin.

  • closeButton from the notification API, close buttons in notifications are now required.

  • The autocompleter ch configuration property has been removed. Use the trigger property instead.

  • Deprecated template plugin.


  • When deleting the last row in a table, the cursor would jump to the first cell (top left), instead of moving to the next adjacent cell in some cases.

  • Heading formatting would be partially applied to the content within the summary element when the caret was positioned between words.

  • Moving focus to the outside of the editor after having clicked a menu would not fire a blur event as expected.

  • Autocomplete would sometimes cause corrupt data when starting during text composition.

  • Inline mode with persisted toolbar would show regardless of the skin being loaded, causing css issues.

  • Table classes couldn’t be removed via setting an empty value in table_class_list. Also fixed being forced to pick the first class option.

  • Directly right clicking on a ol’s li in FireFox didn’t enable the button List Properties…​ in the context menu.

  • The link_default_target option wasn’t considered when inserting a link via quicklink toolbar.

  • When inline editor toolbar wrapped to multiple lines the top wasn’t always calculated correctly.

  • Removed manually dispatching dragend event on drop in Firefox.

  • Slovenian help dialog content had a dot in the wrong place.

  • Pressing Backspace at the start of an empty summary element within a details element nested in a list item no longer removes the summary element.

  • The toolbar width was miscalculated for the inline editor positioned inside a scrollable container.

  • Fixed incorrect object processor for event_root option.

  • Adding newline after using selection.setContent to insert a block element would throw an unhandled exception.

  • Floating toolbar buttons in inline editor incorrectly wrapped into multiple rows on window resizing or zooming.

  • When setting table border width and table_style_by_css is true, only the border attribute is set to 0 and border-width styling is no longer used.

  • Clicking to the left or right of a non-editable div in Firefox would show two cursors.