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Best WYSIWYG HTML editors: TinyMCE Alternatives Comparison

Choosing a rich text editor (RTE) to use within your SaaS product, web application, CMS, LMS, email marketing or internal workspace, isn’t a simple decision.

This page aims to make it easier.

Using these side-by-side comparisons, you’ll find the best features for your needs, understand the pros and cons of setup, support and ongoing maintenance. It’ll help you identify the WYSIWYG HTML editor that works best with your current developer resources, and easily scales as you grow.

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How TinyMCE is different from the alternatives

Unmatched domain experience

Every day, the world’s biggest enterprise brands and growing startups rely on TinyMCE for their mission-critical editing needs. For the last two decades, we’ve consistently innovated to create the acknowledged best-in-class rich text editor, that lets developers and creators do more with less by providing:

Smooth, lightweight code that achieves both speed and flexibility across every major browser

A consistent and reliable release process, providing headache-free upgrades

A reliable enterprise-grade editor that's easily customized and also available through an open-source license

Reusable, modular components, 400+ APIs and 14+ framework integrations

Reliable, responsive and future-facing

Every day, our Engineering team solves issues the right way, our Product team encourages perfect results (even if launch dates occasionally slip) and the Customer Success team delivers support that’s reliable, fast and friendly. We’re proud of:

Maintaining industry-leading response rates across dedicated SLAs

96% support ticket customer satisfaction* (Based on Zendesk ratings)

2.84 hr average response time* (August 2021 data)

Collaborative team that grows with you

We let companies focus on their core business, so they don’t have to worry about rich text editing. Product teams can delight their users and creators can work smarter, faster and more productively. Our modus operandi is to be:


WYSIWYG and easy to work with

Consultative, partnering with you throughout your stages of growth

Champions of open source and the dev community who make it all possible

TinyMCE vs Alternative WYSIWYG HTML Editors

The TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor alternatives comparison is updated twice-annually

The Basics

TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
Cost Advanced features from $804 per yearCustom pricing From $718 per year FreeFree
Premium features from $1,788 per year 
Open Source License GPL2+GPL2+BSD 3-ClauseMITMITMIT
Commercial License 
Self-hosted Deployment
Cloud Deployment 
Users UnlimitedCustomUnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Developers UnlimitedCustomUnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 

Customization and Integration

TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
Framework Integrations Angular, AngularJS, Blazor, Bootstrap, Django, jQuery, Laravel, Node.js + Express, Rails, React, Svelte, Swing, Vue, Web ComponentsAngular, Bootstrap, Electron, jQuery, React, Vue, WebpackAngular, AngularJS, Aurelia, CakePHP, CraftCMS, Django, Ember, Gatsby, Ionic, Knockout, Meteor, Rails, React, Sencha, Symfony, Vue, YiiAngular, AngularJS, Blazor, Flutter, VueReact, YjsAlpine.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, React, Svelte, VueReact, Svelte, Vue
Customizable UI 
Does not come with a pre-built UI (headless)
Skins and Icon Packs 
Language Translations 65413800N/A (No UI)0

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Check out a detailed comparison of best React rich text editors

Docs & Support

TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
Extensive documentation
Community Support 
Professional Support 
Number of support tickets per month 2+2+0+0+
Dedicated Account Manager 
Phone Support Available 

Core Editing Features

TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
Basic Formatting 
Multi-Root Editing
Ordered / Unordered Lists
Image Insert
Emoticons / Emoji Picker

Advanced Editing Features

TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
AI Assistant 
Code Editor 
Image Editing 
Advanced Templates 
Enhanced Media Embed 
File Management 
Merge Tags 
CSS-inlined output
Content Filtering 
Format Painter 
Permanent Pen 
Case Change
Table of Contents
Export PDF

Check out a detailed comparison of format painter features

Clean Copy and Paste

Functionality that processes and cleans up pasted content from apps, ensuring compliant and easy-to-edit HTML

TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
MS Word 
MS Excel
Google Docs 

Note: Faded check marks indicate partial functionality

Check out a detailed comparison of clean copy and paste features


TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
Customizable Spell Checker
Spelling Autocorrect
Accessibility Checker 
Broken Link Checker
Advanced Typography 

Check out a detailed comparison of spell checking features

Check out a detailed comparison of accessibility features


TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
Track changes
Revision history

Check out a detailed comparison of comments features

Check out a detailed comparison of @mentions features


TinyMCECKEditor 5FroalaQuillSlateTiptapLexical
Asymmetric JWT Signing 

See a mistake? Let us know.

All data in the table above (and supporting pages) was pulled from projects’ public websites on Feb 1, 2023

Features listed vary by plan (open-source, free or paid). If information on a specific feature or topic cannot be found on the editor’s website, it is not included. Only features released by the editor author are listed.

Easy integration with 12 + frameworks and hundreds of other tools

The TinyMCE code is totally customizable and works with the framework of your choice

Angular rich text editor
React rich text editor
Vue WYSIWYG editor
Blazor rich text editor
jQuery rich text editor

Java text editor
Node JS text editor
Laravel WYSIWYG editor
Rails WYSIWYG editor
Wordpress text editor

Svelte rich text editor
Django rich text editor

Help when and where you need it

Enterprise-Grade Support

Responsive, in-house support to help you implement, customize and troubleshoot.

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Thousands of questions and answers updated daily on StackOverflow and Github.

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Tutorials, quickstarts, code samples and videos to help you deploy faster.

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Trusted by the hottest startups and biggest brands

“TinyMCE satisfied our needs at a competitive cost, and we were able to integrate it without restructuring our product.”

Chris Burd | Vice President of policyIQ

“TinyMCE should be at the top of any list if you’re looking for a visual text editor. It’s flexible, integrates well with different systems and is extremely stable.”

Rob Wells | Vice President of policyIQ

“We’re very satisfied with TinyMCE’s features, functionality, ease of integration, and the impeccable support team.”

Paul Alexandrescu | Technical Director

Chris Burd | Vice President, policyIQ

Rob Wells | CEO

Paul Alexandrescu | Technical Director

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