TinyMCE 7 Documentation

TinyMCE is a rich-text editor that allows users to create formatted content within a user-friendly interface.

  • TinyMCE

  • HTML

  • JS

  Click the submit button to view the output HTML.
  Note: This tab only shows the initial HTML and is not updated as you type or
  when you click submit.
<textarea id="default-editor">
  <p><em>Hello</em>, <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>World!</strong></span></p>
  selector: 'textarea#default-editor'

The output created is in HTML5 and can include lists, tables, and other useful elements, depending on your configuration. The functionality of the editor can be extended through plugins and customizations, or limited to suit your use-case. TinyMCE can also be customized to look and feel like part of your application or webpage by customizing the user interface. TinyMCE can be integrated into a range of frameworks and Content Management Systems (CMSs), and can be either:

  • Loaded from the Tiny Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network), which will ensure TinyMCE is always using the latest version.

  • Installed with a package manager (self-hosted).

  • Extracted from a .zip file (self-hosted).