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Effortless file management in the cloud

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Tiny Drive

Seamless integration with TinyMCE

Add just a couple configuration items, and you'll be able to upload and browse files, as well as insert images inside TinyMCE.

    Seamless integration with TinyMCE

    Secure integration and storage

    Tiny Drive utilizes JSON Web Tokens (JWT) – the go-to standard for secure data transfers. And we store your assets with Amazon S3, the same storage solution used by Netflix, Thomson Reuters, and Zillow.

      Secure integration and storage

      Make the cloud work for you

      Using a cloud-based system means automatic security and functionality updates, plus flexible storage and bandwidth options to match any use case.

        Make the cloud work for you
        Tiny Drive feature summary
        OrganizeBrowse and preview image assets, PDFs and metadata
        Quick accessClick on the "star" to add items to your favorites folder for easy access at any time.
        ConvenientUse our Amazon S3 storage, and connect your Dropbox or Google Drive account to import your assets into Tiny Drive.

        Experience Tiny Drive for yourself

        This interactive demo lets you play with the feature to see the ways that it can improve the content creation, editing and publishing experiences in your app.

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        Drive FAQs

        Is Tiny Drive free?
        Our free plan gives you plenty of storage and bandwidth to get started. Increased storage and bandwidth options are available in our paid tiers. If you don’t see a paid tier that’s a good fit for your use case please contact us.
        Can I use my own cloud storage provider?
        The current storage solution is an Amazon S3 bucket provided by Tiny. We also offer the option to connect Tiny Drive to your Dropbox and/or your Google Drive accounts. If you would like to see other storage options for Tiny Drive in the future, please let us know.
        Can I control permissions for different users?
        You can set a user specific root path so that each user in your system gets a unique directory. Read more about permissions here.
        Can I implement Tiny Drive without TinyMCE?
        Yes, check out the Tiny Drive Standalone API documentation here.
        What happens if I exceed the storage or bandwidth limits?
        We know that your storage and bandwidth needs can sometimes spike in ways you don't anticipate. Because of that, our bandwidth and storage increases as needed, and Tiny Drive continues to function even if you exceed your limits. But please note though, that we will be in touch regarding an upgrade to a higher plan in this scenario.
        Is Tiny Drive secure?
        Tiny Drive utilizes JSON Web Tokens (JWT), the go-to standard for secure data transfers. And we store your assets with the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). You can learn more about JWT here, and you can read more about Amazon S3.
        Are there any storage and/or bandwidth limitations?
        Different plans have different storage and bandwidth limits, which you can view on the Pricing page. Please note that we offer a free Core/Starter plan.
        What if I need more storage and/or bandwidth than you offer in your Professional plan?
        Please contact us for a custom quote.
        Can I use Tiny Drive with React, Angular, Vue, WordPress, etc.?
        While there shouldn’t be any limitations on using Tiny Drive with your framework of choice, please be aware that we do not yet provide instructions on how to do this in our documentation.
        What control do I have over the images during upload?
        You have the option to set a maximum image dimension for uploaded files. This setting enables you to constrain the width and height of any uploaded images.
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