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Build a great editing experience in WordPress

The same content creation tools used by the world's largest businesses are now available for WordPress. And they’re easily within your reach, today.

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Introducing the visual editor in WordPress

Did you know the visual editor in WordPress has a name? It's called TinyMCE and it helps tens of millions of bloggers, journalists, authors and businesspeople create inspiring content every day. It’s even used by many of the worlds most iconic companies. In fact, you probably use TinyMCE and don't even know it.

For the first time, the solutions used by these companies to deliver amazing content creation experiences to millions upon millions of people are now available in WordPress.

If you use WordPress for your blog, business website, ecommerce store, or as a publishing platform, these solutions will save you time and money. They'll help make writing in WordPress more fun. By solving many of the most frustrating issues with common editing tasks, you'll do more with less.

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Our most popular solutions in WordPress

Taking advantage of the latest cloud technologies, we made five of our most popular plugins available to every user of WordPress.

They solve a wide range of problems, from cleaning messy formatting when pasting content from Word into WordPress, to fixing accessibility issues, applying global spelling services for distributed teams, and embedding rich media right within the editor. Anyone who has to get their hands dirty in HTML, you’ll be pleased to know you can now get an IDE-like interface in the visual editor’s source view.

Available as stand-alone plugins, or as part of a great value bundle, you can learn more about each of these solutions on their dedicated product page:

TinyMCE PowerPaste

TinyMCE Accessibility Checker

TinyMCE Spell Checker Pro

TinyMCE Enhanced Media Embed

TinyMCE Advanced Code Editor

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Get started with our free enabler plugin

We made getting these solutions into your WordPress as simple as possible. It involves a free enabler plugin, plus a subscription to the service you wish to use.

When you sign up you’ll automatically receive a TinyMCE Cloud API key. Add that to the enabler plugin, check a box to activate the solutions you purchased and you’re done.

So check out the demos on the product pages, and don’t forget we’re here to help. If you have any questions, use the chatbox on this page or click the big blue contact us button below.

Download The Free Enabler Plugin