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Customer Stories

See how Tiny helps grow revenue and decrease churn while saving development costs.

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360Factor Consulting

Saving 260+ Hours a year in support time and increase platform usage.

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Tax Notes

Content creation is now faster, streamlined and more flexible.

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Levelling up their functionality and communication ability.

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“It was easy to integrate TinyMCE into our software and customize it to our needs. If you go for a rich text editor, this one is the industry standard. You can’t go wrong picking TinyMCE.”

Simon Reinhardt

Senior Software Developer, Hype Innovation

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TalentMap is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Thomson Reuters

Saving reporters thousands of hours each year.

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“TinyMCE is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool, and everyone is happy using it. The way that we have been able to customize the editor is fantastic.”

Paul Caisley

Owner, El Roboto

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Increased user engagement over 85% with TinyMCE.

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Morning Brew

Saving writers dozens of wasted hours per week.

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Over 6+ months of development time saved.

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“Offering customizable templates with Tiny has helped us grow and helps our customers differentiate themselves in the market.”

Mariya Nomanbhoy

COO, Sighten

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“TinyMCE satisfied our needs at a competitive cost, and we were able to integrate it without restructuring our product. TinyMCE is perfect for what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Chris Burd

Vice President of policyIQ, RGP

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DST Systems

Development time cut by half using TinyMCE.

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“TinyMCE should be at the top of any list if you're looking for a visual text editor. It’s flexible, integrates well with different systems and is extremely stable.”

Rob Wells

CEO, DDSN Interactive

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Better Impact

Dramatically reducing spending and developer hours.

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“I’ve worked with a lot of different editors, but TinyMCE was the simplest to implement. The amount of functionality you get right out of the box would be foolhardy to try and recreate.”

Tim Craver

Manager of Development, Allied Solutions

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Proposal response times cut by 90% with TinyMCE.

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