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The best Node.js rich text editor

Trusted by 1.5M developers. Used in 100M+ apps.
No matter the project, TinyMCE for Node.js +
Express works best

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Node.js rich text editor is
a lightweight feature-rich

Can be added to any kind of Node.js project

The Node.js editor lets you build custom content creation
and editing experiences within your application

Why use TinyMCE as
your Node.js text editor?

TinyMCE is a JavaScript-based rich text editor that lets you add advanced editing capabilities to your Node.js + Express project.

Using our Node.js + Express starter code snippet, take advantage of out-of-the-box features, or build your own content creation experience with virtually infinite customizations.

  • Lightweight, fast, and easy to use
  • Quick setup with NPM or Yarn
  • Self-host or load from the Cloud
  • Stress-free maintenance and updates
  • Free editor core with premium upgrades
  • Fully customizable UI
  • 50+ plugins for advanced content creation, collaboration and compliance
  • Easy extensibility with 400+ APIs
  • Actively maintained and improved
  • Community and professional support

Add TinyMCE as your Node.js
WYSIWYG editor

It's easy. And trusted by 1.5M devs.

1$ npx express-generator --git --no-view my_tinymce_app
2$ cd my_tinymce_app
3$ npm install --save tinymce
4$ npm install
6File: /path/to/my_tinymce_app/app.js
8app.use('/tinymce', express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'node_modules', 'tinymce')));
11$ nano public/javascripts/my-tinymce-config.js
13File: public/javascripts/my-tinymce-config.js
16   selector: 'textarea#my-expressjs-tinymce-app',
17   height: 500,
18   menubar: false,
19   plugins: [
20     'a11ychecker','advlist','advcode','advtable','autolink','checklist','export',
21     'lists','link','image','charmap','preview','anchor','searchreplace','visualblocks',
22     'powerpaste','fullscreen','formatpainter','insertdatetime','media','table','help','wordcount'
24   ],
25   toolbar: 'undo redo | casechange blocks | bold italic backcolor | ' +
26     'alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | ' +
27     'bullist numlist checklist outdent indent | removeformat | a11ycheck code table help'
28 });
31File: public/index.html
33<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- Required for TinyMCE to function as intended -->
34 <html>
36   <head>
37     <title>TinyMCE Demo</title>
38     <link rel="stylesheet" href="/stylesheets/style.css">
39   </head>
41   <body>
42     <h1>TinyMCE Demo</h1>
43     <!-- Text area matching the selector specified in the TinyMCE configuration -->
44     <textarea id="my-expressjs-tinymce-app">Hello, World!</textarea>
45   </body>
47   <!-- Script element sourcing TinyMCE -->
48   <script type="application/javascript" src= "/tinymce/tinymce.min.js"></script>
49   <!-- Script element sourcing the TinyMCE configuration -->
50   <script type="application/javascript" src= "/javascripts/my-tinymce-config.js"></script>
51 </html>

TinyMCE Node.js + Express
integration docs

Setup instructions:

Cloud CDN Package Manager

Trusted by developers

Peter Levels's avatar
Peter Levels@levelsio

✨ I found out ~50% of my support tickets on remoteok.com were about Markdown issues:

- non-tech people don't understand it
- format is inconsistent
- buggy if complex like * a list with **bold text**

So I now switched to TinyMCE which is HTML: tiny.cloud

Oussama Jaaouani's avatar
Oussama Jaaouani@NTechnologiesL1

We tried many other #tools and we finally decided to go with @tinymce, simply because you're the best.

Abdulramon Jemil's avatar
Abdulramon Jemil@AbdulramonJemil

I'm beginning to love @tinymce more and more. Been exploring its features since morning...

SeaCat's avatar

Thanks! I tried many other tools - all open-source and came to the conclusion that many people may disagree with.

I decided to go with TinyMCE not because it's open-source but because they have a commercial license what may mean they will fix bugs and add great features faster.

Node.js + Express TinyMCE
integration compatibility

Our Node.js + Express text editor is regularly updated
and actively maintained

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Versions 4


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Deployment type

Tiny CloudNPM

TinyMCE Node.js + Express
integration compatibility

Supercharge your Node.js + Express text areas
with state-of-the-art editor functionality

Clean copy-and-paste
  • Cleanly copy-pastes content from Word, Excel and Google Docs
  • Option to strip or preserve advanced formatting
  • Underlying HTML code doesn't break
  • 99.9% accuracy rate
Explore PowerPaste
Clean copy-and-paste
Node.js + Express editable tables
  • Advanced sorting and table functionality
  • Looks and feels like the most popular spreadsheet tools
  • Delivers familiarity combined with advanced features
Explore Advanced Tables
Node.js + Express editable tables
Node.js + Express HTML code editor
  • Switch between editing rich text content and the underlying HTML with the click of a button
  • Color syntax highlighting, search and replace, bracket matching, code folding, and multiple selections
  • Allows developers and power users to jump in and edit the code behind the content
Explore Advanced Code Editor
Node.js + Express HTML code editor
Node.js + Express image editor
  • Flip, rotate, crop, resize and apply filters within the editor
  • Modify images to fit content without leaving the browser
  • Replaces the need for other image editing software
Explore Enhanced Image Editing
Node.js + Express image editor

Looking for projects that
TinyMCE can be used for?

Access use-case specific starter configs
to kickstart your rich text editing project
Content Management Systems (CMS) ->Email & Messaging Platforms ->Document Management Systems (DMS) ->Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ->Workflow & Collaboration Platforms ->Learning Management Systems (LMS) ->Internal & SaaS Applications ->

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What is the best rich text editor for Node.js + Express?

TinyMCE is considered the best rich text editor for Node.js + Express by many developers because of its flexibility and ease of integration with Node.js + Express applications, frequent updates, and easy-to-integrate features. It has a wide range of formatting options, support for file upload and media handling, and is easily customizable.

How to add text editor to Node.js + Express?

In order to add text editor to Node.js + Express, install TinyMCE's Node.js + Express text editor through NPM, configure the App.js file with TinyMCE, create a JavaScript that configures TinyMCE with options and plugins, update the index.html file to include the TinyMCE script and a textarea, and then create Node.js + Express server to serve the HTML

Why should you choose TinyMCE Node.js + Express rich text editor?

Fast and easy setup, a fully customizable UI, productivity, compliance and collaboration features are all great reasons to choose TinyMCE as your Node.js + Express rich text editor.

What is the price for TinyMCE Node.js + Express WYSIWYG editor?

TinyMCE is 100% free under the MIT open source license. Advanced features and support are available at an additional cost.

Does the TinyMCE Node.js + Express rich text editor have copy and paste functionality?

Yes. TinyMCE has a feature called PowerPaste, which retains formatting and cleans the HTML copied from Word, Excel and Google Docs with 99.9% accuracy.

Does the TinyMCE Node.js + Express rich text editor have text formatting and styling functionality?

Yes. TinyMCE has all of the features your users would expect from any word processor-type tool.

One of the most trusted and downloaded components for 20+ years

12+ frameworks and 400+ flexible APIs

Easily integrates into your tech stack and enhances your editing experience. 7 first-party and 5 third-party endorsed integrations that make development easier

Explore Integrations ->
Get TinyMCE two ways Cloud-based or Self-hosted

Get a Free API key to use TinyMCE from the Cloud or Download the SDK for use in your Self-Hosted application

Learn About Hosting ->
Modify TinyMCE to suit custom use cases

Developers have full source code control for endless customizations

  • Out-of-the-box
  • UI customisation
  • API customisation

Explore Customization ->

Need more ideas on adding rich text editing to your Node.js + Express project?

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