Tiny Drive PHP Starter Project

This project will help you get started with Tiny Drive and allow you to play around with its features.


Before you start your journey with Tiny Drive, it will go a lot smoother if you have done these steps:

  1. Login/register to Tiny Account

  2. Get a Tiny Cloud API Key

  3. Get a JWT Key

Store the keys temporarily somewhere as you will need to copy & paste them later.


  • PHP 7.0+ on any supported platform.


These are the steps needed to get this project running on your machine:

1. Clone this repo to your local machine using

$ git clone

2. Change the apiKey in tinydrive-php-starter/config.php

You get the API key from the API Key Manager Tiny Account page at

3. Create a tinydrive-php-starter/private.key file containing your generated private RSA key

You get the private RSA key from the JWT Key Manager Tiny Account page at

4. Go to the directory and start the dev server

$ cd tinydrive-php-starter
$ php -S localhost:3000

5. Open the example project at http://localhost:3000

Implementing with your system

If your specific use case has not been covered by any of the sample dot net, java, nodejs, or php starter projects, some customizations might be required to be applied to implement Tiny Drive in the specific system. The JSON Web Token authentication solution would have to be tied to the login authentication of your system. This usually means integrating the JWT authentication to the existing session authentication so that users automatically login to Tiny Drive and your system.

Additional resources

Go through the following additional resources to figure out how to configure Tiny Drive with your system.

  • We recommend reading up and trying to understand how JWT authentication works. In order to implement Tiny Drive you need prior knowledge of JWT in detail, including how they can be used for user authentication and session management in a web application. There will be some coding involved on both the client-side and the server-side to configure JWT as per the instructions in this section.

  • Starter projects:

  • Configuration options:

  • Integrations

Need help?

We are striving to make Tiny Drive as useful and as simple as possible. For support related issues such as problems with JWT authentication and implementing Tiny Drive, check our help page or please contact Tiny Support.