Plugins for TinyMCE

TinyMCE is an incredibly powerful, flexible and customizable rich text editor. This section will help configure and extend the editor by using TinyMCE plugins.

Premium plugins

This section lists the premium plugins provided by TinyMCE.

Checks the contents of the editor for WCAG & Section 508 accessibility problems.

How to setup TinyMCE’s Advanced Code Editor plugin.

Add advanced functionality to tables.

Create and edit complex templates in TinyMCE for use with TinyMCE.

Replace common typewriter-style characters with their professional typesetter equivalents.

Send queries to registered AI APIs and set the results in the current document.

Change the case of text.

Add checklists to your content.

The TinyMCE Comments plugin.

Enhanced image editing features for TinyMCE.

Add rich media previews inside TinyMCE.

Export content from TinyMCE into various formats.

Insert intext footnotes and add footnote entries.

Apply formats to multiple pieces of text.

Turn TinyMCE documents into single files with inline CSS, ready, in particular, for sending as HTML-formatted emails.

Validate links, as they are typed.

Enable @mention functionality.

Enable adding Merge Tags to content.

File and image management plugin and service

Insert iframe into the content.

Apply formats while typing.

Copy and paste content from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and HTML.

The Real-time Collaboration plugin for TinyMCE.

Check spelling as-you-type in TinyMCE.

Add autocorrection of common typos and spelling errors as well as capitalization correction to TinyMCE.

Insert a simple Table of Contents into the TinyMCE editor.

Cloud-based file and image management for TinyMCE.

Open source plugins

This section lists the open source plugins provided with TinyMCE.

Create expandable and collapsible sections.

Create styled number and bulleted lists.

Insert anchors (sometimes referred to as a bookmarks).

Automatically create hyperlinks.

Automatically resize TinyMCE to fit content.

Automatically save content in your local browser.

Insert special characters into TinyMCE.

Edit your content’s HTML source.

Insert and embed syntax highlighted code snippets.

Toolbar buttons for setting the left-to-right or right-to-left direction of content.

Bring a smiley to your content.

Zoom TinyMCE up to the whole screen.

Shows the help dialog.

Insert an image into TinyMCE.

Automatically populate CSS class names into the Format dropdown.

Insert the current date and/or time into TinyMCE.

Add hyperlinks to content.

Normalize list behavior between browsers.

Add HTML5 video and audio elements.

Insert a nonbreaking space.

Add a page break.

Show a dialog of the current content in read-only format.

User interface controls to create content faster.

Add a save button to the TinyMCE toolbar.

Find and replace content in TinyMCE.

Table editing features.

Custom templates for content.

Allow a user to see block level elements such as paragraphs.

See invisible characters such as non-breaking spaces.

Show a word count in the TinyMCE status bar.