Understanding editor loads

Understanding editor loads for TinyMCE

This information is only relevant to Tiny Cloud users. Users who self-host the open source version of TinyMCE are not subject to editor load restrictions, but must comply with the open source license.

An editor load is the event that occurs each time TinyMCE is initialized in your application. The editor dispatches the 'init' event to indicate a successful load. For example, if 100 users load TinyMCE 10 times each, the result would be 1,000 editor loads.

The process of initializing an editor involves several steps.

  1. The integrator initializes one or more editors on the webpage, commonly accomplished through the tinymce.init({ …​ }) method.

  2. The selector property of the init method determines which elements should be replaced with editor instances. For example: if the selector is textarea and there are 5 textarea elements on the page, 5 editor instances will be created.

    Each editor instance performs the same initialization sequence and then dispatches an init event. This event is dispatched even if the the editor is not visible.

  3. The 'init' event serves as the conclusive indicator that the editor has completed its loading process. At this point, the editor has been successfully initialized and is ready for user interaction.

How are editor loads counted?

An editor load is counted each time a new TinyMCE editor instance completes the initialization sequence and dispatches an init event.

What happens if I have multiple editors on a page?

Each individual editor instance on a page is counted as one editor load. For example, if a page has ten editors, a single refresh of that page results in ten editor loads.

What can contribute to a high number of editor loads?

The most obvious scenario is using multiple editors on a single page (see above). For example:

  • An email building app that has a TinyMCE editor embedded in multiple sections

  • A publicly available page on a high traffic website with multiple editor instances

How can I get unlimited editor loads?

You can get unlimited editors loads one of three ways:

  • The open-source version of TinyMCE can be self hosted, and is not subject to editor load restrictions.

  • The open-source version of TinyMCE is also available via third party-hosted CDNs and is not subject to editor load restrictions.

  • For the Enterprise version of Tiny MCE with Premium features, get in touch with our Sales team for a custom quote.

I have an annual plan. Are my editor loads calculated monthly or over the entire year?

If you have an annual plan, your editor loads are calculated on a monthly basis within the structure of your annual plan. Similar to our monthly plans, you have a set monthly editor load limit and are automatically charged $40 USD per every block of 1,000 editor loads over the plan limit.