TinyMCE 6.8.3

These are the Tiny Cloud and TinyMCE Enterprise release notes. For information on the latest community version of TinyMCE, see the TinyMCE Changelog.


TinyMCE 6.8.3 was released for TinyMCE Enterprise and Tiny Cloud on Wednesday, February 08th, 2024. These release notes provide an overview of the changes for TinyMCE 6.8.3, including:

Accompanying Premium self-hosted server-side component changes

The TinyMCE 6.8.3 release includes accompanying changes affecting the TinyMCE self-hosted services for the following plugins:

  • Enhanced Media Embed plugin mediaembed.

  • Export plugin export.

  • Enhanced Image Editing plugin editimage.

  • Link Checker plugin linkchecker.

  • Spell Checker Pro plugin tinymcespellchecker.

  • Spelling Autocorrect plugin autocorrect.

For information on:

The Java server-side components have been updated to the following versions:

  • ephox-hyperlinking.war: 2.105.24

  • ephox-image-proxy.war: 2.106.11

  • ephox-spelling.war: 2.118.19

Updating the self-hosted server-side components

The new versions of the server-side services provide updates for the Java-based server-side components. To deploy the updated version of the server-side components:

  1. Update your Java Application Server to the minimum required version:

    • Eclipse Jetty:

      • 9.4+

    • WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 8 or later

    • Apache Tomcat:

      • 10 (See note below)

      • 9+

      • 8.5.12+

      • 8.0.42+

      • 7.0.76+

      Tomcat 10 will require WAR files to be placed in the webapp-javaee directory rather than the webapps directory due to the change to Jakarta servlets. Jetty 11 is not currently supported due to this change.
  2. Replace the existing server-side .war files with the .war files bundled with TinyMCE 6.8.3 or later.

For information on:

There are no functionality changes in these updated server-side components.

Accompanying Premium plugin changes

The following premium plugin updates were released alongside TinyMCE 6.8.3.

PowerPaste 6.2.5

The TinyMCE 6.8.3 release includes an accompanying release of the PowerPaste premium plugin.

PowerPaste 6.2.5 includes the following fix.

PowerPaste would sometimes consider a shape or a picture to be an equation when it is not.

In previous versions of PowerPaste, users encountered an issue while copying/pasting content from a Microsoft Word document when PowerPaste Plugin was enabled in the editors configuration.

As a consequence, if the copied content contained images and equations, the images would not appear in the expected locations on paste.

PowerPaste 6.2.5 addresses this issue, by enhancing the image and equation detection logic.

As a result, images now appear in their correct locations as expected.

The current version of PowerPaste does not currently support equations within TinyMCE.

For information on the PowerPaste plugin, see: PowerPaste.

Bug fixes

TinyMCE 6.8.3 also includes the following bug fixes:

ShadowDOM skin was not loaded properly when used with js bundling feature.

When using the js bundling feature with the ShadowDom skin, the editor would not load the skin properly.

As a consequence, any editor bundled with this specific setup would result in the editor loading without displaying the toolbar.

TinyMCE 6.8.3 addresses this issue, now, during the loading process the ShadowDOM skin is correctly used when using the js bundling feature.

As a result, the editor loads properly and the toolbar appears as expected.

The floating toolbar would not be fully visible when the editor was placed inside a scrollable container.

Previously, when the editor was configured to be set within a scrollable container, and the ui_mode: 'split' is set, the floating toolbar was obscured when the user switched to fullscreen.

As a consequence, the floating toolbar UI was not completely visible when switching to fullscreen.

TinyMCE 6.8.3 addresses this, now, when the container containing the editor UI elements are set to a fixed css position when the editor is switched to fullscreen.

As a result, the toolbar is now no longer obscured when switching to fullscreen.

Security fixes

TinyMCE 6.8.3 includes one fix for the following security issue:

The following server-side component has been updated to include dependency updates addressing the following security issues.

This update is considered as a High severity vulnerability fix.

For information on the server-side components updates, see: Accompanying Premium self-hosted server-side component changes.

There are no functionality changes in these updated server-side components.