Tiny Drive Upload API

The tinydrive.upload method allows blob objects to be uploaded directly to Tiny Drive. This can be useful when you want to store a file generated by your application.

Interactive example: Using tinydrive.upload

  • TinyMCE

  • HTML

  • JS

<textarea id="drive-upload-example">
  This demo shows you how to call tinydrive from within the tinymce api.
  selector: 'textarea#drive-upload-example',
  height: 200,
  menubar: false,
  plugins: 'tinydrive link image media',
  toolbar: 'custom | insertfile | link image media',
  tinydrive_token_provider: 'URL_TO_YOUR_TOKEN_PROVIDER',
  setup: (editor)  => {
    editor.ui.registry.addButton('custom', {
      text: 'Custom upload',
      onAction: ()  => {
          path: '/hello',
          name: 'hello.txt',
          blob: new Blob(['Hello world!']),
          onprogress: (progress) => {
            console.log('upload progess', progress);
        }).then((result) => {
          const link = editor.dom.createHTML('a', { href: result.file.url }, editor.dom.encode(result.file.name));