TinyMCE 6.4.2

These are the Tiny Cloud and TinyMCE Enterprise release notes. For information on the latest community version of TinyMCE, see the TinyMCE Changelog.


TinyMCE 6.4.2 was released for TinyMCE Enterprise and Tiny Cloud on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023. These release notes provide an overview of the changes for TinyMCE 6.4.2:

Accompanying Premium Skins and Icon Packs changes

The TinyMCE 6.4.2 release includes an accompanying release of the Premium Skins and Icon Packs.

Premium Skins and Icon Packs

The Premium Skins and Icon Packs release includes the following updates:

The Premium Skins and Icon Packs were rebuilt to pull in the changes also incorporated into the default TinyMCE 6.4.2 skin, Oxide.

For information on using premium skins and icon packs, see: Premium Skins and Icon Packs.

Accompanying Premium Plugin changes

The following premium plugin updates were released alongside TinyMCE 6.4.2.

TinyMCE Comments 3.3.2

The TinyMCE 6.4.2 release includes an accompanying release of the TinyMCE Comments premium plugin.

TinyMCE Comments 3.3.2 includes the following bug fix:

The ‘Comments > Delete all conversations’ menu item was enabled even when no comments were added

In previous versions of TinyMCE, when the Premium plugin, Tiny Comments was also running, TinyMCE did not check the state of the comments section.

Consequently, the Comments > Delete all conversations menu item was not disabled even when the comments section was empty.

With this update, when Tiny Comments is running, TinyMCE checks the comments section state and this menu item is, as expected, disabled when the TinyMCE comments section contains no comments.

For information on the Comments plugin, see: Comments plugin.

Bug fixes

TinyMCE 6.4.2 includes the following bug fixes:

The quickimage toolbar button failed to insert images selected from the local computer when running on Google Chrome for macOS

A regression was discovered in TinyMCE 6.4.0 when the macOS version of Google Chrome was the host browser: the focusin editor event occurred before the change event for a file input.

As a consequence, although selecting the quickimage toolbar button presented the macOS-native NSOpenPanel dialogue box as expected, images selected from this dialogue box were not inserted into the TinyMCE document.

For this update, the regression has been corrected. In TinyMCE 6.4.2, local images selected after the quickimage button is selected are added to the TinyMCE document, as expected.

When hovering over tree dialog components the mouse pointer rendered incorrectly

In previous versions of TinyMCE, when hovering over tree dialog component items, the mouse pointer style rendered incorrectly.

Specifically, the mouse pointer rendered as an I-beam pointer rather than the default arrow pointer.

In TinyMCE 6.4.2, the styles for tree component items have been updated to correct this issue.

as of TinyMCE 6.4.2, tree components are only used as part of the Advanced Templates Premium plugin.

The editor displayed a notification error when it failed to retrieve a blob image uri

In previous versions of TinyMCE, when the editor contained an image with an invalid or unreachable blob url, it displayed an error notification banner within the editor viewport which impacted the user experience.

For TinyMCE 6.4.2 the error notification banner has been removed: the visible broken image icon is notification enough for the end-user.

Setting an invalid unit in the fontsizeinput changed it to the default value instead of reverting it to the previous, and valid value

In previous versions of TinyMCE, when an invalid value was entered into the fontsizeinput toolbar component, the value was not parsed and both the value and unit were set to their default values: 0 and pt respectively.

As a consequence, entering an invalid value set selected text, or the insertion point, to 0pt.

In TinyMCE 6.4.2, if an invalid string is entered in the fontsizeinput entry field, the fontsizeinput value reverts to the previous, valid, value.

The tox-button and tox-button-secondary buttons now support the hover, active, focus, and disabled states

In previous versions of TinyMCE, the --enabled css class for tox-button and tox-button-secondary was not defined.

As a consequence, some TinyMCE toolbar buttons did not render all their possible states as expected when they were selected so as to enable UI option the button represents.

With this update, the --enabled css class has been defined. And TinyMCE toolbar buttons render all their possible states as expected when the UI option a button represents is activated.

The urlinput dialog component would not open the type-ahead dropdown when the input value was reset to an empty string

In previous versions of TinyMCE, a console error was thrown when the Source field of the Insert Media dialog was reset.

As a consequence, the dropdown list of suggested URLs did not expand.

To fix this issue, the code for the urlinput component that is responsible for gathering the correct dropdown items was updated.

As a result, the URL suggestions dropdown list now expands even on the empty Source field. As well, the host browser’s console no longer returns errors.

Selection was not correctly scrolled horizontally into view when using the selection.scrollIntoView API

In previous versions of TinyMCE, the scrollToMarker function manually calculated how much should be scrolled vertically. The horizontal scroll amount, however, was set to a specific value: left of the marker.

As a consequence, in some circumstances TinyMCE editor instances did not scroll to the correct horizontal position.

To fix this, instead of manually calculating the vertical and horizontal marker position, TinyMCE 6.4.2 now uses a native scrollIntoView function to keep the marker in the viewport.

Tab navigation no longer incorrectly stops at menu buttons within toolbar groups

In previous versions of TinyMCE, menu buttons were assigned an internal attribute.

When the More toolbar button — — was opened, and the, now-visible, floating toolbar contained a menu button, using the Tab key to navigate through the floating toolbar icons would, because of this attribute and in some circumstances, stop progressing through the toolbar and, sometimes, enter a selection loop.

For this update this internal attribute has been removed and using the Tab key to activate floating toolbar icons progresses through these icons as expected.

Redial would, in some circumstances, cause elements to not have an initial value selected when they should have

In previous versions of TinyMCE, the host browser did not properly manage switching child elements when the Accessibility Checker dialog was visible.

As a consequence, the dropdown menu in this dialog would, in some circumstances, present without one of the dropdown menu’s options being selected by default.

To fix this issue TinyMCE now populates the element with a default value, unless this menu is explicitly configured as empty by the particular TinyMCE instance’s configuration.

this change also addresses a known issue in the Accessibility Checker Premium plugin.

The contextual toolbar displayed the status of Advanced List Premium plugin icons incorrectly

In previous versions of TinyMCE, the quickbar button handler setup for the Open Source plugin, Lists, was different to the quickbar button handler setup for the Premium plugin, Advanced Lists.

As a consequence, when a TinyMCE instance included the Advanced Lists Premium plugin, the contextual toolbar did not display button status on the toolbar correctly.

With this update, the setup handler for the Advanced Lists Premium plugin now matches the setup handler settings for the Open Source Lists plugin. And toolbar icon state is now correctly rendered on the contextual toolbar.