Invalid API key

Starting in early 2024, all editors on our cloud platform will be required to have a valid API key. Without a valid API key, your editor will transition to read-only mode, limiting your ability to make changes.

Affected users will receive a notification in their editor. If you receive this notification, please contact the Administrator for your application/site. Admins will need to get a valid API key and paste it into the code to continue using TinyMCE.

How will I know if this change affects me?

If TinyMCE detects an invalid API key, it will display a notification. If you know or suspect you have been actively hiding or suppressing this notification, please remove these overrides. If you then see a notification, please follow the instructions to resolve the issue. If no notification appears, you are not affected.

How can I get an API key?

The Admin who owns your TinyMCE implementation will need to log in here to get your account’s API key. If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up for a free API key. Paid users can contact our Technical Support team for help.

What will happen if I don’t provide a valid API key?

All editors on our cloud platform without a valid API key will be set to read-only mode in the beginning of 2024. If you self-host TinyMCE, you will not be impacted.

Why is an API key required?

We require an API key for all TinyMCE editors on our cloud platform in order to maintain the quality of our service, ensure reliable security, and keep up with industry best practices.

If TinyMCE is free and open source, why is an API key required?

TinyMCE can be accessed through a variety of licensing and hosting methods, including both free and paid options.

The free, open source option for TinyMCE is available under an MIT license explained here. Users must self-host TinyMCE to take advantage of the MIT license. This type of license does not require an API key.

The cloud hosted option for TinyMCE is available under commercial license, as described here. This type of license requires an active API key.

If you are receiving an error notification, you are using the cloud-hosted option of TinyMCE under a commercial license. If you want to continue using TinyMCE without an API key, you will need to either migrate to the free, open source, self-hosted option or use a 3rd party-hosted CDN option under an MIT license.

I installed the npm package, which I assumed would be self-hosted. Why am I getting a notification that an API key is required?

Our integrations default to using the TinyMCE Cloud service. If you’re receiving the notification that an API key is required, it means that you’re using the cloud-hosted option for TinyMCE under commercial license which requires a valid API key and allows for 1,000 editor loads per month for free.

Please read our docs to learn how to self-host TinyMCE or sign up here to continue using TinyMCE Cloud.

I’ve used TinyMCE for years. Why am I now receiving notification that an API key is required?

Thank you for your long-term use of TinyMCE and for selecting it for your projects. If you’re suddenly receiving this notification, it means that previous versions of the notification were hidden within your TinyMCE editor. We are working to ensure that all active users of TinyMCE are aware of the API key requirement, including those that may have hidden these notifications in the past.

What does the message "This domain is not registered with Tiny Cloud" mean?

This message means that the domain attempting to use TinyMCE is not registered with Tiny Cloud. Starting in 2024, a registered domain will be required to continue using TinyMCE.

How can I resolve the issue of an unregistered domain?

To resolve this issue, please inform your administrator and request that they review the list of approved domains on your Tiny Account. If necessary, they will need to add the unregistered domain to the approved list. Learn more here.

Where can I view the list of approved domains for my Tiny Cloud account?

You can view the list of approved domains by logging into your Tiny Account. The approved domains are stored against your API Key.

I would prefer to self-host TinyMCE. What are my options?

  • If you plan to use only open-source TinyMCE features, the open-source version is available under the MIT license.

  • If you want to self-host TinyMCE and use our Premium features, get in touch with our Sales team for a custom quote.

For additional information on Troubleshooting Tiny Cloud visit: Cloud Troubleshooting.