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Create, organize, and insert content snippets in seconds

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Supercharge productivity

Empower your users to work more efficiently by easily inserting their most frequently used content. Plus, drastically improve consistency by providing approved boilerplate content, right inside the editor.

Insert content in seconds

Users can quickly insert templates using the template library – complete with categories and search.

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Pre-defined, user-defined, or both

You call the shots. Flexible configuration options mean you can set things up the way you want, with the ability to define pre-built templates, and also let users create their own.

An illustration of a Pre-defined, user-defined, or both

Scales with your content

Whether you have one template or 100, this feature’s categorization structure and scalable architecture keeps up as your app – and its content – grows.

An illustration of a Scales with your content

Endless possibilities

Templates can be used everywhere – from contract clauses to canned email replies, and CMS widgets. The sky really is the limit.

An illustration of a Endless possibilities

"Being able to know that we’ve made a good choice with TinyMCE - that we don’t have to worry about the editor, and can go on to focus on other things is so valuable. The open source background and history of TinyMCE, and how that’s been nourished by Tiny is awesome."

Geoff McQueen|CEO

Experience Templates for yourself

This interactive demo lets you play with the feature to see the ways that it can improve the content creation, editing and publishing experiences in your app.

Try this example editor that’s set up for sending replies to support tickets. Click to choose from a list of predefined responses, or to create your own
Note: Templates is a Premium feature and is separate from the free Template feature

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