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Available in Professional and above

Spelling Autocorrect

Fix obvious (and not-so-obvious) mistakes before they see the light of day

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An abstract illustration of Spelling Autocorrect

Avoid embarrassing typos

Spelling Autocorrect fixes over 1,000 common typos (like “teh”) and auto-capitalizes at the beginning of sentences, all in real-time.

Speed up content creation

Everyone types in a hurry but little by little, the time spent fixing minor typos adds up and lowers productivity. Spelling Autocorrect improves creator efficiency by eliminating the need to go back over work.

A screenshot showcasing Autocorrect usage

"TinyMCE has allowed us to stand apart from our competition. We can now say that we have a solution that truly allows our users to customize how their content looks."

Justin Witz|CTO and Co-Founder

Interactive demo

Experience Spelling Autocorrect for yourself below.

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Available in Professional and aboveExplore Pricing