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Insert footnotes into documents and other content with the click of a button

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An abstract illustration of Footnotes

Create credible content

Empower users to create content that adheres to best practices and standards, giving it more credibility and authority.

A familiar process

Users follow a flow they’re already familiar with from other productivity tools – they just add the footnote and start typing.

A screenshot showcasing Footnotes usage

Dynamically linked

Superscripts link directly to their respective footnote, and vice versa, ensuring easy navigation throughout all types of content.

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"In our field, it’s expected that you have a nice editor. Using TinyMCE saved us half a year or even more of development time. And in the end, I'm not sure if we would have even had the knowledge to be able to build such an editor by ourselves."

Bastian Bickelhaupt|CTO and Co-Founder

Interactive demo

Experience Footnotes for yourself below.

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