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Math Equations

Create math formulas and equations inside the editor. No third-party plugins required.

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An abstract illustration of Math Equations

Write formulas and equations natively in the editor

Add formulas and equations to your content using LaTex or MathML.

Better Looking Content

Upgrade the quality of your content with cleanly formatted equations.

An abstract illustration of Math Equations

Easy to Use

Paste formula code from an existing application or enter it yourself in the Math Equations dialog box.

An abstract illustration of Math Equations

"TinyMCE has removed enormous overhead from our journalists and allowed them to focus more on getting the actual story. It's easy to integrate and has a great support staff behind it."

Paul Alexandrescu|Technical Director, Thomson Reuters

Experience Math Equations for yourself

This interactive demo lets you play with the feature to see the ways that it can improve the content creation, editing and publishing experiences in your app.

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