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Merge Tags

Insert predefined, read-only merge tags (also known as personalization tokens, or mail merge fields) into your content

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Personalize content at scale

Automate content creation across a variety of use cases including email, document generation, and more. Increases efficiency and opens up new opportunities for personalization.

Setup in just a few lines of code

Specify your tags and optional categories, and users are ready to start personalizing. Add merge tags using either the toolbar button, or the autocompleter as tags are typed.

A screenshot showcasing Merge Tags usage

Eliminate render errors

Merge tags are read-only, which means no more surprises or costly corrections down the road as a result of mistyped or malformed tags.

A screenshot showcasing Merge Tags usage


Unlike other tools, in TinyMCE, your merge tags are displayed in the editor exactly how they’re formatted. This means your users see their content styled the same way as it’s rendered, eliminating expensive formatting fixes later on.

A screenshot showcasing Merge Tags usage

Works with your existing Merge Tags

Already using text-based tags? No problem - just specify your merge tags plus their pattern, and you’re all set. There is no need to modify or update any existing content.

A screenshot showcasing Merge Tags usage

"TinyMCE does what it says it's going to do. It's as simple as that. Building something ourselves would be a hundred times more costly, and now we don't have to waste time responding to support calls or trying to fix bugs."

Chris Creery|Senior Software Architect

Experience Merge Tags for yourself

This interactive demo lets you play with the feature to see the ways that it can improve the content creation, editing and publishing experiences in your app.

Start typing “{{“, or use the toolbar button to see the available merge tags.

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