TinyMCE 5 Documentation

TinyMCE 5 reached End of Support in April 2023. No more bug fixes, security updates, or new features will be introduced to TinyMCE 5. We recommend you upgrade to TinyMCE 7 or consider TinyMCE 5 Long Term Support (LTS) if you need more time.

Setup a basic TinyMCE 5 editor using the Tiny Cloud.

New to self-hosting TinyMCE? Start here.

Start here for Tiny Cloud.

Working examples of TinyMCE’s popular functionality.

The TinyMCE rich text editing experience for mobile devices.

The most customizable rich text editor.

This section will help you configure and extend your editor instance.

The configurable UI components available for customization.

Premium features from the makers of TinyMCE.

The TinyMCE file manager.

The TinyMCE Real-time Collaboration plugin.

Information and guides for developers wanting to build advanced capabilities into TinyMCE.

Faster development with integrations of TinyMCE into your favorite framework or CMS.

Guidance for migrating from TinyMCE 4 to TinyMCE 5.

Upgrading your rich text editor from Froala Editor v3 to TinyMCE 5.

List of all release notes for TinyMCE 5.

The history of TinyMCE releases.

JavaScript API reference for TinyMCE.