Cloud-based file management

Tiny Drive is a premium TinyMCE plugin for cloud-based asset management and storage solution. Tiny Drive is a solution for creating rich text by attaching and embedding images, videos, and other files in your document.

Tiny Drive presents a cloud-based asset management and storage solution that provides the ease of use of Google Drive without the server requirements of a self-hosted asset manager such as our own MoxieManager.

Configuring the editor for Tiny Drive

Once you have the API key, or if you are a current Tiny Cloud user who already has an API key, then you have access to Tiny Drive. In order to get the service up and running, you’ll need to complete a few more steps. See our documentation for more information.

Security & performance

We know security is a primary concern when it comes to cloud storage. Tiny Drive uses an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket, the same storage solution used by companies like Netflix, Thomson Reuters, and Zillow. (You can read about Amazon’s comprehensive security approach here.)

As your assets are passed back and forth between your TinyMCE editor instance and the S3 bucket, Tiny Drive uses both your API key and a JSON Web Token (JWT) to authenticate each data transaction. Each Tiny Drive user will need to create their own JWT, and we walk you through the whole process here.

And to make sure your assets are delivered as fast as possible, we utilize the CloudFront CDN, which is Amazon’s global content delivery network, known for its low latency and high data transfer speeds.

Try our Tiny Drive plugin demo

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<textarea id="drive-demo">
  <h2>The world's first rich text editor in the cloud</h2>

    Have you heard about Tiny Cloud? It's the first step in our journey to help you deliver great content creation experiences, no matter your level of expertise. 50,000 developers already agree. They get free access to our global Content Delivery Network, image proxy services and auto updates to the TinyMCE editor. They're also ready for some exciting updates coming soon.

    One of these enhancements is <strong>Tiny Drive</strong>: imagine file management for TinyMCE, in the cloud, made super easy. Learn more at <a href="">our working demo</a>, where you'll find an opportunity to provide feedback to the product team.

  <h3>An editor for every project</h3>

    Here are some of our customer's most common use cases for TinyMCE:

    <li>Content Management Systems (<em>WordPress, Umbraco</em>)</li>
    <li>Learning Management Systems (<em>Blackboard</em>)</li>
    <li>Customer Relationship Management and marketing automation (<em>Marketo</em>)</li>
    <li>Email marketing (<em>Constant Contact</em>)</li>
    <li>Content creation in SaaS systems (<em>Eventbrite, Evernote, GoFundMe, Zendesk</em>)</li>


    And those use cases are just the start. TinyMCE is incredibly flexible, and with hundreds of APIs there's likely a solution for your editor project. If you haven't experienced Tiny Cloud, get started today. You'll even get a free premium plugin trial &ndash; no credit card required!
  selector: 'textarea#drive-demo',
  plugins: 'image media link tinydrive code imagetools',
  height: 600,
  toolbar: 'insertfile image link | code',
  tinydrive_token_provider: 'URL_TO_YOUR_TOKEN_PROVIDER',
  tinydrive_dropbox_app_key: 'YOUR_DROPBOX_APP_KEY',
  tinydrive_google_drive_key: 'YOUR_GOOGLE_DRIVE_KEY',
  tinydrive_google_drive_client_id: 'YOUR_GOOGLE_DRIVE_CLIENT_ID'

Getting started with Tiny Drive

Creating an account

Try the Tiny Drive plugin and the Tiny Cloud with a free Tiny Account. New accounts receive a 30-day trial of the Tiny premium plugins, skins, and icon packs; with no credit card information or commitment required.

Get Tiny Drive

The Tiny Drive plugin is included in the following Tiny Cloud plans:

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