Supported TinyMCE functionality for Real-time Collaboration

TinyMCE’s Real-time Collaboration (RTC) plugin will be retired and deactivated on December 31, 2023, and is no longer available for purchase.

Browser support

The Real-time Collaboration (RTC) plugin supports the latest desktop versions of:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Apple Safari

Mobile support

Real-time Collaboration is currently not supported on mobile devices.

TinyMCE features (plugins) support when using RTC

The Real-time Collaboration (RTC) plugin supports a subset of the features that TinyMCE provides.

Enabling plugins not shown here is not supported and may lead to unexpected behavior.

The following plugins are currently supported:

Integration considerations

When planning to integrate Real-time Collaboration into your application or website, consider the following details and how they impact your use-case. If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements.

  • Do not load content into TinyMCE that was created using a plugin not yet supported in RTC, such as: Tables, Media embed, Checklist, or Table of contents. Without the plugin enabled to protect the relevant content, you risk making changes to the HTML in a way it’s no longer recognized by the plugin.

  • If content is created in an RTC session, then updated outside of an RTC-enabled TinyMCE editor, a new document ID (documentId) is needed for subsequent RTC sessions. The RTC plugin does not currently provide APIs for updating the content programmatically. If your use-case requires you to update the content outside of the RTC clients, your server will need to generate a new document ID and distribute it to all collaborators and block or otherwise prevent editing or collaborating with the old document ID.

  • Using the RTC plugin in hybrid mode is not supported and not recommended. Self-hosted versions of TinyMCE should not be used with the cloud version of the RTC plugin. The RTC plugin is dependent on the TinyMCE version it is released with. When using TinyMCE for the Tiny Cloud, TinyMCE will use the linked version of the RTC plugin.