Logo & attribution requirements

This page describes:

  • When the use of TinyMCE needs to be attributed to Tiny.

  • How to attribute TinyMCE to Tiny.

Paid Customers

If you are using TinyMCE on a paid tier of Tiny Cloud or have an active commercial license agreement, you are not required to include attribution.

Free and Open Source Users

Users on a free tier of Tiny Cloud are required by the Terms of Service to include attribution when TinyMCE is shown.

As per clause 6 of the LGPL 2.1, users using TinyMCE under the LGPL are required to give prominent notice that TinyMCE is in use. We recommend including attribution as described below.

Including Attribution with TinyMCE

The TinyMCE status bar provides the required attribution on the right-hand side.

The following example shows the status bar product attribution in the bottom, right-hand corner:

Screenshot of homepage TinyMCE demo including product attribution in the bottom

If the status bar is removed or not visible on the editor, you can include attribution per the following:

  • "POWERED BY TINY" or the Tiny logo placed in a readily visible location in your application when the editor is loaded.

  • The word "Tiny" or the Tiny logo should have a hyperlink to https://www.tiny.cloud.

The location of the product attribution is to be:

  • In the right-hand corner of the status bar of the TinyMCE editor; or

  • An alternate location adjacent to the TinyMCE editor that is no less prominent.

Additional Information

If you are still uncertain of your attribution requirements, reach out to us from our Contact us page https://www.tiny.cloud/contact.